Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Transferred to Paralowie Ward

June 5, 2011

Hello from Paralowie!

Yes as you may have heard I have a new companion. I have been transferred to the other area in the Ward. I wasn’t happy when I found out I was packing my bags from Brahma Lodge. But I was happy when I found out I was going to serve in Paralowie. I do not have to relearn names of members, investigators etc. I generally know the main streets in the area. I can just focus on the work; it is great for my last stretch.

Thank you for telling me the news of the shooting back home. I can pray for everyone involved.

We had a good week. I met some new people. There isn’t much to do at 8:30 PM just before the night is over. There is this train station we go contacting at. We meet some unique people. We catch the stragglers at the end of the day. Many times on my mission I have given people that are intoxicated Book of Mormons or pamphlets. I wonder what their reactions are when they are sober and they find they are in possession of these things. For the first time in my mission I was talking to someone who was a huge NFL fan, I had never been tempted to talk about footie to anyone. I did quite well I think staying connected to my purpose. He accepted a Book or Mormon, if only I could carry on a conversation about AFL or rugby I wonder how many more Book or Mormons I could have given out in my time.

Thank you for updating me on the family. I look forward to hearing about the new niece on the way. Thank you for signing me up to that fafsa thing. I want to be educated. I love learning, I like studying. Well I just enjoy studying the scriptures I do not know about studying something else but I do enjoy some aspect of studying. So I am capable. What is the new address to the house again? I may i have received it but now i cannot find it.

Well I am going to go now.

Love you all heaps

Elder Montgomery

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