Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"I looked on their mobile phone and I saw the name of Neo."

June 19, 2011

Hello from Paralowie!

We had a pretty good week. It was very well balanced. The office gave us new bikes so that is good. We have a car anyways but it is convenient to have both the car and the bike. Peter and Thomas have not been baptized yet. I know the Elders have pushed it back a bit. Eventually they will be baptized. Some exciting news on our part is that we set two new baptism dates this week with Tiara and Jaylan. It is set for August 13th. I will not be in the country but it is not about me anyways. They both felt good feelings when they prayed. We had one investigators finish the book of Mormon. She read it in about two weeks. Due to the inconsistency of us being able to see her, we have only taught her once! We did commit her to pray about the book so that is good. We have an appointment with her tomorrow. She is living with a less active Sister. We will probably give her a Gospel Principles book to read next. Throughout my mission investigators have had excellent feedback with the Gospel Principles book. They love it.

The Zone is doing quite well. There is a dodgy companionship that we are working with. They are disunified but they are united in disobedience here and there. This mission is way more obedient since the beginning when I came in. But we have probably the most disobedient missionary in the entire mission. So yes we are dealing with that. Other than that northern Adelaide is rocking.

This week we had a full day of meetings and trainings. I went on a tradeoff with the assistants back to my first area of Firle. The area has changed so much since then. I looked on their mobile phone and I saw the name of Neo. He was my 2nd baptism on my mission, I was aware he had moved but didn’t know where. I asked the assistant which Neo this was on the phone and he didn’t know. I called the number and it was the same Neo. It was sweet to talk to him. He has moved to Melbourne, ages ago. He says there are many Chinese members of the church in Melbourne. That was sweet to hear from him.

Well I am going to go now. We have a jampacked P-day today.

Love you all heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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