Sunday, November 8, 2009

"To all the world the Gospel will be preached."

Elder Montgomery with Robert, Anthony and Tammy

Feeding the Kangaroo

"The work here is progressing."

November 9, 2009

Hello from Australia!
I just want you to know that everything here in Murray Bridge is good. The work here is progressing. We are teaching quite a few people and they are potentials who have yet to be exposed to be taught by the missionaries. That will change this coming week.
We have an amazing ward missionary named Sister Turner. Her non-member friend Bart wrote a song about Jesus that I and Elder Ashworth sang at a fireside in Mt Barker on Sunday. Sister Turner brought Bart to the fireside and he really enjoyed hearing his song. Me and Elder Ashworth changed the song up a bit, made it a special rendition. We have taught him the plan of Salvation and we are going to teach him the Restoration this coming week. There is great potential in him.
Claire is sweet, we went and saw her this week and taught her a Plan of Salvation lesson with her. It all made sense to her. We are breaking her Catholic foundation. She loves being spiritually fed. And she talks heaps about changing over. Actually she just talks heaps. She lives in the middle of nowhere so she is a bit lonely. We also went and visited her with Sister Turner. Sister Turner grew up out bush and was raised out bush. She is very similar to Claire. Sister Turner pretty much said everything that Claire needed to hear. Sister Turner very nicely bashed and denounced the Catholic Church and called it apostate. Claire is reading the book of Mormon and this week we are going to build up the spirit by watching the movie The Testaments and commit her to baptism. She has a concern about her family, they want her to die and be buried Catholic. To nullify this concern we have talked about with her to meet with her family and talk to them.
We helped Kevin and Heather move out of their house. They got kicked out because their house was so messy. Indeed it was. Kevin moved in with a mate of his. He actually is interested in learning about our church. But Margaret, Heather's mum who is also almost a Jehovah Witness talked him out of it. She will be baptized J dub in a couple months. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. We are going to teach her a powerful Restoration lesson. I know she knows what we say is true.
Rosetta, a less active Aboriginal read the book of Mormon after we visited her. She said she felt something she hasn’t felt in a long time. She has felt the spirit. We are teaching her partner Joe. Joe really doesn’t like the police. He needs the gospel in his life. He talks about killing police officers and the government even if he goes down with them. He truly is a character. But he likes us so that is good. There is good potential in this family. Josh and Canaan are 10 and 12 years old. They would be baptized before Joe, Joe needs to marry Rosetta.
Peter is an interesting investigator. We have the two most opposite investigators in the mission I think. Claire loves to talk. And Peter physically can’t talk. Peter also cannot hear too well. Also his eyes are going pale; I believe that means he is going blind. I will admit I have no idea how to teach him. It is difficult, he writes really slowly. And sometimes what he writes does not make sense. So we will see him every so often. We mowed his lawn, which was as high as Elder Ashworth.
Michael and Leigh and their two daughters are still nuts. Michael caught a bird with his hands near the river Murray while he was fishing. And now he has it as a pet. They have so many animals.
We finally finished teaching Richard and Tanya the Plan of Salvation. We will teach them The Restoration.
Lily and June are not progressing as quickly as I would like. We need to reteach them the Plan of Salvation. We are also going to watch the movie Joy to the World with them.
There are two kids aged 9 and 10 that will count as convert baptism. They will be baptized on the 15th of November. I do not take personal credit for these converts but they will actually count towards the mission. Their parents are active members of the church. They should have been baptized awhile ago.
You should name my dog Mary. So it will be Martha and Mary. Two good bible names. 80% of Sudanese women are named Martha or Mary. Those are the most common English names for them.
I love hearing from and about the family. Thank you. My size shirts is 16 1/2 need some new ones, preferably Stafford. I want my Patriartical blessing. Recorder and that's all I can think of.
Love you heaps
Elder Montgomery

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Australia has turned yellow. It is getting hot here."

November 1, 2009

Hello from Australia!
Things are going well here in Murray Bridge. I had a really good day yesterday. Sunday night we had a missionary fireside at the Firle Chapel in Adelaide. We drove all the way there, and we brought Kevin and Heather, and Michael and Lee and their two daughters. It was a very spiritual fireside. Elder Ashworth played a beautiful piano solo and there were other good musical items. Black, a Chinese man I committed to baptism just before I was transferred to Modbury bore his testimony. He has the funniest conversion story. Black loved to race his car. And one day he was racing his friend and he lost control and ran into a house. Black is a student who doesn’t make much money at his part time job. So he prayed heaps and heaps that he wouldn’t have to pay that much money to fix the house. His prayer was answered and he ended up having to only pay like 400 dollars. So his prayer was answered by a miracle. He became way humbled, knew there was a god and was baptized just a few weeks later in September. But I missed his baptism, I was in Modbury. But he came to me after the fireside. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time it seems. We gave each other a nice big hug. Also I saw Patience. Just seeing these old friends of mine brings me so much happiness. Unfortunately Neo, Robert and Anthony were not there. So I did not get to see them. That would be a sweet as picture if all of them were together at once. Perhaps next month in the next missionary Fireside.
Claire and “Uncle” John, her partner, came to church yesterday. Claire Absolutely loved it. She is so sweet. She is pretty hardwired Catholic. But she has noticed our church is very similar to her church. We taught her the restoration, and even watched the movie Restoration. Uncle John is just there for the ride, just there because Claire was there. Claire asked us if she could come to church. She is reading the Book of Mormon.
Met a nice aboriginal part member family. I feel good about them. Joe the dad is not a member. But Rosetta was baptized like ten years ago but went inactive. All of her older kids are baptized. But now there are two kids who are not baptized. We are going to meet with them later today and teach them the plan of Salvation. Joe is a character; he hates Catholics, the police, and white Australians. Luckily we are neither of them.
Kevin and Heather are moving house today, so we will help them with that.
Michael and Lee and their family are sweet. They have heaps of animals. They keep a big fish in their bathtub to just give you an idea.
Met and Richard and Tanya. Richard just got out of prison so he is humble as.
Lily and June are sweet. Still working at the shop. June is one of those fun animated Chinese little girls.
Most people here are working class. Australia has turned yellow. It is getting hot here. President Smith is awesome, way missionary orientated.
There are like two kids who are 9 and 10 years old. They haven’t been baptized. But they will be on the 15th of this month of November. They will actually count has a convert baptism. Their families are active but I do not know why they weren’t baptized earlier. So we are going to go around and teach them simple lessons.
Elder Ashworth and myself are learning heaps because we both have been out maybe 4 months now. Not that long.
Got to go. We live on Hawke Road. There is no celebration of Halloween. Yes! Connor is born! Wow for Matt Broby. Good on him. Lots of primary aged kids in Murray Bridge, very young. Luckily we are in the car more than on bike.
Love you all heaps
-Elder Montgomery

"I am in the small city of Murray Bridge."

October 25, 2009

Hello from Australia!
I have been transferred outside of Adelaide! I am about 80 Kilometres from the City, out bush. I am in the small city of Murray Bridge. I am with Elder Ashworth! I and Elder Ashworth were in the Missionary Training Centre together just a couple months ago. We are going to learn heaps. We are both relatively new. I so knew I was going to Marion Stake. I have now been in all three stakes in the Adelaide Area. Because so many people live out in the middle of nowhere out bush somewhere, we ride our bikes inside the City of Murray Bridge. But we drive the car whenever we have to go somewhere far. We only have so many Ks allotted to us each month. We cannot go over our assigned Kilometres. There is a small branch here in Murray Bridge. We just need two more Priesthood holders to become a ward. The church does not have a chapel. But they own a portion of a shopping centre. The Branch President here is awesome. President Smith is missionary focused and gives us good suggestions. We will work closely with him. I am excited to start driving on the left side of the road now. Our flat is brand new. I was surprised how nice it is. My two other flats were no good. Also it is in a good location in M.B. It is in the centre of the city, that’s really good since we are biking a bit. It was getting really hot. But now it is really cold.
I have actually started to take pictures. I will upload some and send them to you next week. I am going to need a new camera. Perhaps you can get me one for Christmas in the package. Or I can just choose one for myself. It does not matter to me. I will probably just get one. But I will hold off till next week, let me know if you want to send me one.
Elder Marsden is no longer up in Darwin. He got called down south but I am not sure where. I met him at transfer meeting. I think he might be in Firle Stake. He knows about me. I think its great that you missionary moms write to each other and keep up with your missionaries. Is Brianna going to name the child Boston??? Brianna has never been to Boston. I hear this from Madyson. I love her emails. I am looking forward to Connor being born and seeing pictures. I also look forward to hearing Kyle’s new songs. Can Tanner send me a picture of Noahs and his matching haircut please? Yes! Almost no more puppies left. Was it worth it? President Obama is whack. Oh my goodness the Broncos are 6-0. I can’t believe that. Keep me updated on them. Good on Cibola for being city champs. Tell Jarom and Keaton to stay out of trouble. Australia celebrates Halloween but nearly as big as it is in America. Dad, quit hurting yourself, I am in denial that I will have a bad back when I grow up. But actually I have thrown it out twice since I have been here in Australia, one was really bad, the other was no problem.
Today we are going to see Claire. She is an old woman who loves to talk. But she is our number one investigator. So if she can be seen on our P-day, then so be it. She lives way out bush. So we are going to hop in a car of one of the members of the branch and have a good member present lesson with Claire. After that we will clean out our flat. It is really messy. Before I came here to M.B, a Poly Elder was here for a long time and had heaps of random stuff. Everything is going to the rubbish bin.
Also we are friends with a Chinese woman named Lily and her ten year old daughter June. She owns and lives at her Chinese Restaurant. She has been taught everything and she went to church yesterday. I believe that was her third time at church. She is only a matter of time before she commits to be baptized. She is really nice; she feeds us leftover food at the end of night. June is fun; she is one of those really animated Chinese girls.
Also met Michael and his partner Leigh. They just moved in from Mount Barker which is like 40Ks towards Adelaide. They knew missionaries back there but were not taught much. They have two little girls aged 5 and 7. Those girls are off the walls nuts. They have heaps of different animals, birds, snakes, rabbit, dogs, kittens, weird looking lizards. They are still settling into their new house so we have not seen them much.
Also we met Kevin and Heather. We watched The Testaments with Kevin, Heather was not home. It put Kevin to tears. We committed him to be baptized, but he wants to talk about it with his partner Heather. Which is totally understandable. They are moving to a new flat this weekend. They failed their flat inspection, their flat is really messy. We have to get Micheal and Leigh and Kevin and Heather married. A lot of people are not married here in Australia, a lot of them just live together. Which is not good.
Our teaching pool is not that big here in M.B. So I and Elder Ashworth with much effort on obtaining the spirit went out tracking and talking to people on the streets. We got 7 new investigators, so that is really good. I have to go.
Love ya heaps!

-Elder Montgomery

"I am being transferred again!"

October 18, 2009

Hello from Australia!
I am being transferred again! I am a vagabond. I will find out where I am going tomorrow morning. They just like to move me around I suppose. I will miss all the people I have met here in Modbury. Elder Roland will die here; he will end his mission in Modbury. He goes home in 12 weeks. My guess is I will go down a bit south. In Marion Stake, Marian Zone. It is the southern part of Adelaide. That is just my guess. I probably will not go down there. I have no idea where I will go but I am excited for transfer meeting tomorrow. I have already packed my bags and ready to go.
It is a beautiful day here in Adelaide. It is clear crisp skies just like home in Yuma. Not a cloud in the sky. It is starting to heat up and will be as summer in November. We had a really wet winter this year. But I think we are done with rain. Adelaide has strict water restrictions. Nobody is aloud to water their lawns because of the water shortage here in Australia. Everybody’s lawn will become yellow and dead. But right now Adelaide is green and lush from all the rain we have received. They should come up with a way to get the water in Queensland to come here to South Australia. I get to start driving this coming transfer. I am excited to drive on the opposite side of the road. I hope I am not called to serve in a bike area. I want to drive. And I do not prefer riding my bike. Although I think I have gained weight, Modbury feeds heaps. It would be good to loose weight. Elder Roland has gained 25kgs on his mission. That is like 50 pounds. Not good.
I had a really good day yesterday. Anthony and Robert were baptized! It was sweet; they will be confirmed next Sunday. Me and Elder Roland wore white ties to church and got the bishopric and elders quorum presidencies and other members to wear white ties to church. We wanted to let everyone know there was a baptism today so they would stick around after church to witness the baptism. We hope we got the ward excited to do missionary work. I am excited for Modbury Ward in the future. The fish tank is much cleaner to put new fish in. We have been working with the members heaps. Trying to make them missionary focused. The ward is changing. So that is really good. I now have 5 baptisms. 1. Patience 2. Neo 3. Black 4. Anthony 5. Robert. Two Chinese, two Aussies and one African.
We got Chris to come to church. Little 30 year old guy from the Philippines. Chris had a baptismal date in August before I was here in Modbury. But he stumbled upon anti Mormon literature. But we have worked with him since. He is coming around. So it was really exciting it was his first time in church in a long time.
We got John to go to a Single Adult Fireside. If I was old and single, not even I would go to these Single Adult Firesides. Not my taste just went there for John. I hope he enjoyed it. He is 63 and is a bit lonely.
I will be looking forward to see if any of my investigator friends will be baptized in the future. I may not be here in Modbury but I will be in Australia for a long time. I will follow closely what is happening in all the areas that I have served and left. I want to see the progress. I love Firle. I love Modbury. I know I will love the people wherever I serve. I am sad to move but I am excited for tomorrow. Not knowing where I will go. I will try and affect the lives of many. I will have them evaluate their lives and help them strive for something they may not have known they want yet. But everyone deep down wants what we the Saints have. They want meaning, purpose in their lives, which brings true happiness. I have met many people in my short time serving a mission. All of them have problems and concerns. I have a testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ helps everyone. Not just the saving ordinances. But by following the example of Jesus Christ and trying to live according to his teachings will help everyone who applies it to their lives. I have seen the blessings. I have seen transformations. This is the way to true happiness, to true joy. Everyone needs this. They need the truth.
I love to hear from you all. Exciting times are happening back in the states. Yay for Britni I am going to have a new nephew whooooooo! My vote for the name is Connor. Wow a minivan for Dan. Good on him.
Aw I love Madison’s email. Happy Birthday Keaton! For Christmas I want more white shirts. I want the brand or style “Stafford” or whatever they are called. Short sleeved. It is going to get hot soon and I will sweat heaps. I have a few of these Stafford white shirts; they do not show water on the shirt very well so that is good. That is what I want.
Okay I got to go but I want to let you all know I love you heaps.
-Elder Montgomery