Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"I am in the small city of Murray Bridge."

October 25, 2009

Hello from Australia!
I have been transferred outside of Adelaide! I am about 80 Kilometres from the City, out bush. I am in the small city of Murray Bridge. I am with Elder Ashworth! I and Elder Ashworth were in the Missionary Training Centre together just a couple months ago. We are going to learn heaps. We are both relatively new. I so knew I was going to Marion Stake. I have now been in all three stakes in the Adelaide Area. Because so many people live out in the middle of nowhere out bush somewhere, we ride our bikes inside the City of Murray Bridge. But we drive the car whenever we have to go somewhere far. We only have so many Ks allotted to us each month. We cannot go over our assigned Kilometres. There is a small branch here in Murray Bridge. We just need two more Priesthood holders to become a ward. The church does not have a chapel. But they own a portion of a shopping centre. The Branch President here is awesome. President Smith is missionary focused and gives us good suggestions. We will work closely with him. I am excited to start driving on the left side of the road now. Our flat is brand new. I was surprised how nice it is. My two other flats were no good. Also it is in a good location in M.B. It is in the centre of the city, that’s really good since we are biking a bit. It was getting really hot. But now it is really cold.
I have actually started to take pictures. I will upload some and send them to you next week. I am going to need a new camera. Perhaps you can get me one for Christmas in the package. Or I can just choose one for myself. It does not matter to me. I will probably just get one. But I will hold off till next week, let me know if you want to send me one.
Elder Marsden is no longer up in Darwin. He got called down south but I am not sure where. I met him at transfer meeting. I think he might be in Firle Stake. He knows about me. I think its great that you missionary moms write to each other and keep up with your missionaries. Is Brianna going to name the child Boston??? Brianna has never been to Boston. I hear this from Madyson. I love her emails. I am looking forward to Connor being born and seeing pictures. I also look forward to hearing Kyle’s new songs. Can Tanner send me a picture of Noahs and his matching haircut please? Yes! Almost no more puppies left. Was it worth it? President Obama is whack. Oh my goodness the Broncos are 6-0. I can’t believe that. Keep me updated on them. Good on Cibola for being city champs. Tell Jarom and Keaton to stay out of trouble. Australia celebrates Halloween but nearly as big as it is in America. Dad, quit hurting yourself, I am in denial that I will have a bad back when I grow up. But actually I have thrown it out twice since I have been here in Australia, one was really bad, the other was no problem.
Today we are going to see Claire. She is an old woman who loves to talk. But she is our number one investigator. So if she can be seen on our P-day, then so be it. She lives way out bush. So we are going to hop in a car of one of the members of the branch and have a good member present lesson with Claire. After that we will clean out our flat. It is really messy. Before I came here to M.B, a Poly Elder was here for a long time and had heaps of random stuff. Everything is going to the rubbish bin.
Also we are friends with a Chinese woman named Lily and her ten year old daughter June. She owns and lives at her Chinese Restaurant. She has been taught everything and she went to church yesterday. I believe that was her third time at church. She is only a matter of time before she commits to be baptized. She is really nice; she feeds us leftover food at the end of night. June is fun; she is one of those really animated Chinese girls.
Also met Michael and his partner Leigh. They just moved in from Mount Barker which is like 40Ks towards Adelaide. They knew missionaries back there but were not taught much. They have two little girls aged 5 and 7. Those girls are off the walls nuts. They have heaps of different animals, birds, snakes, rabbit, dogs, kittens, weird looking lizards. They are still settling into their new house so we have not seen them much.
Also we met Kevin and Heather. We watched The Testaments with Kevin, Heather was not home. It put Kevin to tears. We committed him to be baptized, but he wants to talk about it with his partner Heather. Which is totally understandable. They are moving to a new flat this weekend. They failed their flat inspection, their flat is really messy. We have to get Micheal and Leigh and Kevin and Heather married. A lot of people are not married here in Australia, a lot of them just live together. Which is not good.
Our teaching pool is not that big here in M.B. So I and Elder Ashworth with much effort on obtaining the spirit went out tracking and talking to people on the streets. We got 7 new investigators, so that is really good. I have to go.
Love ya heaps!

-Elder Montgomery

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