Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"I am being transferred again!"

October 18, 2009

Hello from Australia!
I am being transferred again! I am a vagabond. I will find out where I am going tomorrow morning. They just like to move me around I suppose. I will miss all the people I have met here in Modbury. Elder Roland will die here; he will end his mission in Modbury. He goes home in 12 weeks. My guess is I will go down a bit south. In Marion Stake, Marian Zone. It is the southern part of Adelaide. That is just my guess. I probably will not go down there. I have no idea where I will go but I am excited for transfer meeting tomorrow. I have already packed my bags and ready to go.
It is a beautiful day here in Adelaide. It is clear crisp skies just like home in Yuma. Not a cloud in the sky. It is starting to heat up and will be as summer in November. We had a really wet winter this year. But I think we are done with rain. Adelaide has strict water restrictions. Nobody is aloud to water their lawns because of the water shortage here in Australia. Everybody’s lawn will become yellow and dead. But right now Adelaide is green and lush from all the rain we have received. They should come up with a way to get the water in Queensland to come here to South Australia. I get to start driving this coming transfer. I am excited to drive on the opposite side of the road. I hope I am not called to serve in a bike area. I want to drive. And I do not prefer riding my bike. Although I think I have gained weight, Modbury feeds heaps. It would be good to loose weight. Elder Roland has gained 25kgs on his mission. That is like 50 pounds. Not good.
I had a really good day yesterday. Anthony and Robert were baptized! It was sweet; they will be confirmed next Sunday. Me and Elder Roland wore white ties to church and got the bishopric and elders quorum presidencies and other members to wear white ties to church. We wanted to let everyone know there was a baptism today so they would stick around after church to witness the baptism. We hope we got the ward excited to do missionary work. I am excited for Modbury Ward in the future. The fish tank is much cleaner to put new fish in. We have been working with the members heaps. Trying to make them missionary focused. The ward is changing. So that is really good. I now have 5 baptisms. 1. Patience 2. Neo 3. Black 4. Anthony 5. Robert. Two Chinese, two Aussies and one African.
We got Chris to come to church. Little 30 year old guy from the Philippines. Chris had a baptismal date in August before I was here in Modbury. But he stumbled upon anti Mormon literature. But we have worked with him since. He is coming around. So it was really exciting it was his first time in church in a long time.
We got John to go to a Single Adult Fireside. If I was old and single, not even I would go to these Single Adult Firesides. Not my taste just went there for John. I hope he enjoyed it. He is 63 and is a bit lonely.
I will be looking forward to see if any of my investigator friends will be baptized in the future. I may not be here in Modbury but I will be in Australia for a long time. I will follow closely what is happening in all the areas that I have served and left. I want to see the progress. I love Firle. I love Modbury. I know I will love the people wherever I serve. I am sad to move but I am excited for tomorrow. Not knowing where I will go. I will try and affect the lives of many. I will have them evaluate their lives and help them strive for something they may not have known they want yet. But everyone deep down wants what we the Saints have. They want meaning, purpose in their lives, which brings true happiness. I have met many people in my short time serving a mission. All of them have problems and concerns. I have a testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ helps everyone. Not just the saving ordinances. But by following the example of Jesus Christ and trying to live according to his teachings will help everyone who applies it to their lives. I have seen the blessings. I have seen transformations. This is the way to true happiness, to true joy. Everyone needs this. They need the truth.
I love to hear from you all. Exciting times are happening back in the states. Yay for Britni I am going to have a new nephew whooooooo! My vote for the name is Connor. Wow a minivan for Dan. Good on him.
Aw I love Madison’s email. Happy Birthday Keaton! For Christmas I want more white shirts. I want the brand or style “Stafford” or whatever they are called. Short sleeved. It is going to get hot soon and I will sweat heaps. I have a few of these Stafford white shirts; they do not show water on the shirt very well so that is good. That is what I want.
Okay I got to go but I want to let you all know I love you heaps.
-Elder Montgomery

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