Sunday, November 8, 2009

"The work here is progressing."

November 9, 2009

Hello from Australia!
I just want you to know that everything here in Murray Bridge is good. The work here is progressing. We are teaching quite a few people and they are potentials who have yet to be exposed to be taught by the missionaries. That will change this coming week.
We have an amazing ward missionary named Sister Turner. Her non-member friend Bart wrote a song about Jesus that I and Elder Ashworth sang at a fireside in Mt Barker on Sunday. Sister Turner brought Bart to the fireside and he really enjoyed hearing his song. Me and Elder Ashworth changed the song up a bit, made it a special rendition. We have taught him the plan of Salvation and we are going to teach him the Restoration this coming week. There is great potential in him.
Claire is sweet, we went and saw her this week and taught her a Plan of Salvation lesson with her. It all made sense to her. We are breaking her Catholic foundation. She loves being spiritually fed. And she talks heaps about changing over. Actually she just talks heaps. She lives in the middle of nowhere so she is a bit lonely. We also went and visited her with Sister Turner. Sister Turner grew up out bush and was raised out bush. She is very similar to Claire. Sister Turner pretty much said everything that Claire needed to hear. Sister Turner very nicely bashed and denounced the Catholic Church and called it apostate. Claire is reading the book of Mormon and this week we are going to build up the spirit by watching the movie The Testaments and commit her to baptism. She has a concern about her family, they want her to die and be buried Catholic. To nullify this concern we have talked about with her to meet with her family and talk to them.
We helped Kevin and Heather move out of their house. They got kicked out because their house was so messy. Indeed it was. Kevin moved in with a mate of his. He actually is interested in learning about our church. But Margaret, Heather's mum who is also almost a Jehovah Witness talked him out of it. She will be baptized J dub in a couple months. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. We are going to teach her a powerful Restoration lesson. I know she knows what we say is true.
Rosetta, a less active Aboriginal read the book of Mormon after we visited her. She said she felt something she hasn’t felt in a long time. She has felt the spirit. We are teaching her partner Joe. Joe really doesn’t like the police. He needs the gospel in his life. He talks about killing police officers and the government even if he goes down with them. He truly is a character. But he likes us so that is good. There is good potential in this family. Josh and Canaan are 10 and 12 years old. They would be baptized before Joe, Joe needs to marry Rosetta.
Peter is an interesting investigator. We have the two most opposite investigators in the mission I think. Claire loves to talk. And Peter physically can’t talk. Peter also cannot hear too well. Also his eyes are going pale; I believe that means he is going blind. I will admit I have no idea how to teach him. It is difficult, he writes really slowly. And sometimes what he writes does not make sense. So we will see him every so often. We mowed his lawn, which was as high as Elder Ashworth.
Michael and Leigh and their two daughters are still nuts. Michael caught a bird with his hands near the river Murray while he was fishing. And now he has it as a pet. They have so many animals.
We finally finished teaching Richard and Tanya the Plan of Salvation. We will teach them The Restoration.
Lily and June are not progressing as quickly as I would like. We need to reteach them the Plan of Salvation. We are also going to watch the movie Joy to the World with them.
There are two kids aged 9 and 10 that will count as convert baptism. They will be baptized on the 15th of November. I do not take personal credit for these converts but they will actually count towards the mission. Their parents are active members of the church. They should have been baptized awhile ago.
You should name my dog Mary. So it will be Martha and Mary. Two good bible names. 80% of Sudanese women are named Martha or Mary. Those are the most common English names for them.
I love hearing from and about the family. Thank you. My size shirts is 16 1/2 need some new ones, preferably Stafford. I want my Patriartical blessing. Recorder and that's all I can think of.
Love you heaps
Elder Montgomery

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