Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010

"We are going to continue to work and try and progress this area of the Lord's vineyard."

July 25, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier

Things are good, we had a couple of unfamilar faces at church so that was exciting. We got two less actives at church who had not been to church ever since i have been in this town. Emma Bamford brought along her cousin Kristy to church, she has been twice since i have been here. One of the new less actives was great with her, she told a core experience of hers about prayer, she was a less active member even 20 years ago. She prayed to know which church she should get her children baptized in. The very next day the missionaries knocked on her door for the first time in years. She was living out in the country and missionaries never went by there. Until her answer to her prayer. Also she said she remembers her baptism and felt an actual "reborn" experience. She was baptized into a different church some years later and didnt feel a thing. It was good for this less active sister to share those experiences in class to Kristy who is investigating the church.

I am not sure what has happened to Debbie and her family. They have dissapeared off the face of the earth. I havent been able to get in contact with them for some time. Me and Elder Jensen did a quick run to Naracoorte to catch them but the house was dark and nobody home. They could be dead or something. Or on a extended holiday. I am worried about them. Keep them in your prayers.

We are going to continue to work and try and progress this area of the Lord's vineyard.

Sorry this is a short email but i got to go. Love you heaps
-Elder Montgomery

"One of my companions Elder Lowry, from the Cook Islands is going home in two days."

July 18, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

We had four investigators at church yesterday. 3 of Mitchel’s cousins came to church. They all enjoyed it. During the week we went and visited thier Mother, Emma. She had suffered a brain Aneurism and just about almost died. She was touched about how many people fasted and prayed for her. She even is aware that her name was put forward to the temple so the saints can pray for her. She hasn’t smoked in 5 weeks. She has not been to church in 15 years. She would of came yesterday but she still needs to rest. But it is good that her three children were able to come to church. When we visited them during the week we committed the children to the missionary discussions.

The other nonmember that came to church was invited by a member. We do not know the level of her interest but we will look into it. We are going to try and start teaching a ten year old boy named Zion. Mt Gambier is too small of a town. Everyone is related to each other. Zion’s mother is a less active sister. The Father of Zion, i found out this week, and his seperate family are all forever investigators. Teaching Zion might be the key to finnally progressing his family. His Father has 6 kids. The main obstable is Zion plays Aussie Rules Football every Sunday. So after much planning and contemplating me and my companions decided to break his ankle so he could obey the Sabbath day and come to church. J/k, but it certainly would help. I do not know what we will do, perhaps just wait till the Season ends.

One of my companions Elder Lowry, from the Cook Islands is going home in two days. So it will be just me and Elder Jensen. Back to the normal two missionaries for a companionship. Right now i am high on “Mormon Messages”, we have a DVD of a couple choice videos. There are some very powerful ones that we are showing to members. The Naracoorte Family did not go to church yesterday. We havent been able to get ahold of them. I think they are on vacation during these school Holidays. We are going to call them today. We will most likely push the baptism date back from August 1st.

Today for P-day we are going to do a bit of shopping and make sure Elder Lowry is ready to go. He will be transfered to the Cook Islands without a companion. He will be looking for a eternal companion. It is good to hear from you all.

Got to go. Love you all heaps

-Elder Montgomery

July 18, 2010

"I saw the largest Red kangarroo jump in front of the road as I was driving."

July 11, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

Elder Lowry has 9 days before he goes home. Even with our trio companionship we are being fed very well by the members. I am writing to you from Murray Bridge. We have a zone conference this week so we drove down on Sunday after church. I saw the largest Red kangarroo jump in front of the road as I was driving. It took like three jumps across the road and it was gone, it was quick as. It definitely made me drive more cautiously the whole way there so no worries. I am going to try and visit some of my old investigators and recent converts today.

Not much update on the woman named Emma who had a brain aneaurysm. I know she received a preisthood blessing from her cousin who is an Elders quorm president in a congregation in Adelaide. Her three children are potential baptisms. Their names are Shannon, Tyson and Sharie. They are all under the age of 12.

Because it is school holidays we havent been able to visit Debbie and her family. If they do not come to church this next Sunday we will postpone the proposed baptism on August first to another later date. They must show a commitment to come to church. It is no use in baptizing someone if they will not make a habit of worshipping god. We are going to pop in on the way home to Mt Gambier later this week and give them the run down. If they are not ready to keep commitments they are not ready to make covenants.

It seems our top prospects for baptism is children at the moment. We found other children of less active members and ex communicated members that are not baptized. The worth of every soul is great in the sight of god. An investigator named Collen is going in for surgery on her knee soon. So that will delay her progression for while.

Also Sister Jones broke her foot. So that might delay her progression as well. Also a reactivated Sister who recently moved to Whyalla suffered a brain aneaurysm. I have known multiple people now who have suffered threw those afflictions. Smoking is terrible in this country. But fortunately the price of tobacco is increasing very quickly. Everyone is trying to quit smoking, it is amazing, people just cant afford it. There is this medication going around which is the real deal. It is called “Champix” and it destroys your crazing for nicotene. Heaps of people are on it. Threwout my time as a missionary I have commited many people to take that medication to quit smoking.

Man I am in the last half of my mission. This mission will be very different in four and half months. Like half the mission will go home. The mission is very old. We will have big as missionary intakes I reckon when they leave to replace them, everyone will be training!

Well I am going to go. We are going to go bowling and play Aussie rules football. So it should be a fun day. Love you all heaps

-Elder Montgomery

Thursday, July 8, 2010


July 8, 2010

Note from Mom: One year ago today Braden left for his mission. I remember all too well watching and helping him pack up his luggage, checking the lists, ironing his freshly washed and dried brand new white shirt. Watching him put on his Australian tie that Brother Groggett (who served in this same mission almost 20 years earlier) let him borrow. I watched my boy say his goodbyes, with tears in his eyes, to his nieces and nephews as well as to his siblings. I heard him call his friends for the last time to tell them goodbye. I watched him turn off his cell phone and hand it to me. I watched him gather his books and supplies and pack them neatly in his luggage. We checked the list again. Made sure he had his passport, his flight itinerary, his immunization record all in his suit pocket for easy access. I remember hugging him again and again and just looking at him trying to memorize his face, his walk, and his laugh. We went over his flight itinerary and asked him to call us, if possible, to let us know he had arrived safely in Utah. I remember our family prayer before we left for the airport. I remember Braden telling our dog, Martha, goodbye, and she just wagged her tail and loved him like nothing was any different. I remember how ready Braden was for this new adventure in his life, the opportunity to serve a mission and to serve our Heavenly Father. He was excited and ready to go.

When we arrived at the "Braden International Airport" in Yuma, we made sure to make him stand underneath the word, "Braden" with his luggage and took a picture -- we thought that was kind of cool. He always liked that the airport was "named after him." I remember looking at all the people arriving from their flight and seeing them hug their loved ones. I was about to tell my son good-bye for 2 years and he was about to leave for one of the most memorable and amazing 2 years of his life. It almost seemed surreal. Darryl helped Braden get checked in and get in line. I saw a friend, Sara Rosevear, who was flying out to see her daughter in Utah. I was there to send my son on his mission and she was so excited for him.

Then it was time for the good-bye. He was in line and people were behind him. Darryl and the boys hugged him first. Darryl let me be the final one to say my good-bye. I think he was worried that I might take too long and he wouldn't have a chance! I really couldn't take too long, but I hugged him as long as I could with tears streaming and told him how much I loved him and how proud I was. He was smiling and excited! The only tears were mine, and I knew right then that my boy was ready. I let him go and we all watched him walk onto his airplane. We waited to see his airplane take off and right then, his mission began, one year ago today.

"Charity never faileth and it really is the pure love of Christ."

July 5, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

My previous companion Elder Williams has been transfered to Broken Hill in New South Wales. I am now in a trio in a surprising turn of events. There is an odd number of missionaries in the field, because an American was having Visa problems and got delayed. So Mt Gambier got the lucky odd number of missionaries. I have Elder Lowrie from the Cook islands, he is also part Canadian blood. He goes home in two weeks. Also i have Elder Jensen from Brisbane, Queensland. He has about 4 months left in his mission. President Poulton must really want to keep a close eye on me or something. This is not the first time I have been in a trio, my first transfer I had Elder Munk emergency transfered into my companionship. I have had ten companions so far in my mission all from around the world. Two Austrailians, a Samoan, Tongan, Maori, Canadian/Cook islander and Americans. It is a bit ackward going into peoples houses, it is like a mob of us coming in since there is three of us. We seem to be getting fed more as well and people giving us more food. For that reason I like being in a trio. But otherwise I rather just be in a regular companionship.

This week i have been showing my companions around town meeting everyone. The members, less actives, and potential investigators and etc. We had a good planning session the other day. What this area needs is more charity. The members here at the moment are a bit disunified. We are going to teach some member missionary lessons focused on charity. We will commit them to doing two secret acts of service a week. One to someone in the ward. And the other act of service to someone outside the ward. Charity never faileth and it really is the pure love of Christ. It may be the uplifting ingredient these members need. We do not want to commit them because they feel oblidged because we told them to do it. We want them to commit because of their love for their Brothers and Sisters. We will commence these member lessons this week.

We had two investigators at church this week. A girl named Serena June came again. She can only progress as much as her Mom will allow her to progress. Which isn’t much at all unfortunately. Also a (Adam)member’s girlfriend (Eve) came to church for the first time this year. She was taught one lesson by the missionary previous to me in this area last months ago. He was a bit too full on and pushed her interests in the church the wrong direction. So we have to be careful with her. But it was good to see her. Her name is Eve, I like how her boyfriend’s name is Adam. I was talking to Adam a bit at church and he is thinking of proposing marriage to her.

Debbie and her family couldn’t make it to church this week. The baptism is still scheduled for August 1st. Which is a while away but at the same time it is not. The 3 potenial investigator’s, who are cousins to Mitchell, Mother had a brain aneurysm this week. I really hope she pulls through. How grateful I am for the Word of Wisdom.

We got another handful of less actives at church yesterday, i imagine if they come again next week they will no longer be considered less active. Nobody mentioned the 4th of July to me yesterday at church, afterall Australia is part of the commonwealth. That is not the most exciting holiday for them. But my companions sang me the American National Anthem yesterday and America the beautiful. So that was nice. Well i am going to go show my companions the lakes today and other things around town. Maybe play some frisbee and clean the flat. Good to hear from you all, thank you for the packages. Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery