Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Charity never faileth and it really is the pure love of Christ."

July 5, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

My previous companion Elder Williams has been transfered to Broken Hill in New South Wales. I am now in a trio in a surprising turn of events. There is an odd number of missionaries in the field, because an American was having Visa problems and got delayed. So Mt Gambier got the lucky odd number of missionaries. I have Elder Lowrie from the Cook islands, he is also part Canadian blood. He goes home in two weeks. Also i have Elder Jensen from Brisbane, Queensland. He has about 4 months left in his mission. President Poulton must really want to keep a close eye on me or something. This is not the first time I have been in a trio, my first transfer I had Elder Munk emergency transfered into my companionship. I have had ten companions so far in my mission all from around the world. Two Austrailians, a Samoan, Tongan, Maori, Canadian/Cook islander and Americans. It is a bit ackward going into peoples houses, it is like a mob of us coming in since there is three of us. We seem to be getting fed more as well and people giving us more food. For that reason I like being in a trio. But otherwise I rather just be in a regular companionship.

This week i have been showing my companions around town meeting everyone. The members, less actives, and potential investigators and etc. We had a good planning session the other day. What this area needs is more charity. The members here at the moment are a bit disunified. We are going to teach some member missionary lessons focused on charity. We will commit them to doing two secret acts of service a week. One to someone in the ward. And the other act of service to someone outside the ward. Charity never faileth and it really is the pure love of Christ. It may be the uplifting ingredient these members need. We do not want to commit them because they feel oblidged because we told them to do it. We want them to commit because of their love for their Brothers and Sisters. We will commence these member lessons this week.

We had two investigators at church this week. A girl named Serena June came again. She can only progress as much as her Mom will allow her to progress. Which isn’t much at all unfortunately. Also a (Adam)member’s girlfriend (Eve) came to church for the first time this year. She was taught one lesson by the missionary previous to me in this area last months ago. He was a bit too full on and pushed her interests in the church the wrong direction. So we have to be careful with her. But it was good to see her. Her name is Eve, I like how her boyfriend’s name is Adam. I was talking to Adam a bit at church and he is thinking of proposing marriage to her.

Debbie and her family couldn’t make it to church this week. The baptism is still scheduled for August 1st. Which is a while away but at the same time it is not. The 3 potenial investigator’s, who are cousins to Mitchell, Mother had a brain aneurysm this week. I really hope she pulls through. How grateful I am for the Word of Wisdom.

We got another handful of less actives at church yesterday, i imagine if they come again next week they will no longer be considered less active. Nobody mentioned the 4th of July to me yesterday at church, afterall Australia is part of the commonwealth. That is not the most exciting holiday for them. But my companions sang me the American National Anthem yesterday and America the beautiful. So that was nice. Well i am going to go show my companions the lakes today and other things around town. Maybe play some frisbee and clean the flat. Good to hear from you all, thank you for the packages. Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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