Sunday, July 25, 2010

"I saw the largest Red kangarroo jump in front of the road as I was driving."

July 11, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

Elder Lowry has 9 days before he goes home. Even with our trio companionship we are being fed very well by the members. I am writing to you from Murray Bridge. We have a zone conference this week so we drove down on Sunday after church. I saw the largest Red kangarroo jump in front of the road as I was driving. It took like three jumps across the road and it was gone, it was quick as. It definitely made me drive more cautiously the whole way there so no worries. I am going to try and visit some of my old investigators and recent converts today.

Not much update on the woman named Emma who had a brain aneaurysm. I know she received a preisthood blessing from her cousin who is an Elders quorm president in a congregation in Adelaide. Her three children are potential baptisms. Their names are Shannon, Tyson and Sharie. They are all under the age of 12.

Because it is school holidays we havent been able to visit Debbie and her family. If they do not come to church this next Sunday we will postpone the proposed baptism on August first to another later date. They must show a commitment to come to church. It is no use in baptizing someone if they will not make a habit of worshipping god. We are going to pop in on the way home to Mt Gambier later this week and give them the run down. If they are not ready to keep commitments they are not ready to make covenants.

It seems our top prospects for baptism is children at the moment. We found other children of less active members and ex communicated members that are not baptized. The worth of every soul is great in the sight of god. An investigator named Collen is going in for surgery on her knee soon. So that will delay her progression for while.

Also Sister Jones broke her foot. So that might delay her progression as well. Also a reactivated Sister who recently moved to Whyalla suffered a brain aneaurysm. I have known multiple people now who have suffered threw those afflictions. Smoking is terrible in this country. But fortunately the price of tobacco is increasing very quickly. Everyone is trying to quit smoking, it is amazing, people just cant afford it. There is this medication going around which is the real deal. It is called “Champix” and it destroys your crazing for nicotene. Heaps of people are on it. Threwout my time as a missionary I have commited many people to take that medication to quit smoking.

Man I am in the last half of my mission. This mission will be very different in four and half months. Like half the mission will go home. The mission is very old. We will have big as missionary intakes I reckon when they leave to replace them, everyone will be training!

Well I am going to go. We are going to go bowling and play Aussie rules football. So it should be a fun day. Love you all heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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