Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tradeoffs in Golden Grove and Elizabeth

June 13, 2011

Hello from Paralowie!

This week I went on a couple of tradeoffs with other Elders in the Zone. They were the complete opposite areas in some ways. One tradeoff was in Golden Grove, which has very rich suburbs. The other tradeoff was in Elizabeth. This is the ghetto of Adelaide. Everyone in Elizabeth pretty much lives in housing trust homes and live off the Government, which isn’t very much money, just enough to survive. I had heard rumors about Elizabeth that there are many young mothers there. And sure enough when we left the flat to go out to proselyte I saw two very young mothers pushing a pram. It confirmed the rumor. The people in Salisbury and Paralowie may be rough, but the people in Elizabeth may be Feral. Unfortunately our bikes were stolen from our flat in Salisbury North; they must have cut them from the pole it was attached to in our backyard. Fortunately I have only a couple of weeks left. I will not need to buy another bike. I will just borrow a bike off some missionary that is up north from the office when we need it. My eyes are always alert to see someone riding on the streets with my blue diamondback bike. Maybe they sold it.

The baptisms for Peter and Thomas have been pushed back a couple of weeks. They haven’t overcome the addiction to smoking yet. The Brahma Lodge Elders are onto it. We helped the Elders move into a new flat this week. We have quite a few investigators we are working with. We have some good potential investigators. We are trying to point their sails towards progression.

Yay Claire is born! And Jarom is on his way to India. The weather has been nice lately, not much rain. It is quite cold at night and in the mornings. It will be a big weather change shock for me when I come home.

I am going to go now. We are not sure what we will do today. It is nice weather; I would like to do something outside.

Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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