Sunday, October 24, 2010

"This is nothing short of a miracle."

October 24, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

Shaylee Morris was baptised on Saturday! We had Brother June, our ward mission leader perform the baptism. Elder Clark and I both said talks. I spoke on the Holy Ghost and he spoke on Baptism. It was a nice little service. Shaylee was a bit shy so it was invite only to the baptism. The Morris family invited friends of theirs to the Baptism. Funny enough this same family was connected to us. When i was in Adelaide last week a Sister gave me a referal to visit a family living in Mt Gambier. This Sister gave us a letter to hand deliver to the family to break the ice. The ice is certainly broken, we gave it to them at the baptismal service, we already got them into the church! The letter contained an invitation to hear a spiritual message from us. This is nothing short of a miracle. Perhaps this family needed multiple signs to humble them. We will see if they choose their agency wisely, we will call in some time this week. This new family’s name is Amanda and Scott Ware. They have 7 kids, but not all are living at home.

We had a good turnout at church on Sunday. We had 7 Less actives at church. 3 of those 7 came for the first time since i have been in the area. I have been in Mt Gambier for 7 months now. Shaylee was confirmed by our high priest group leader, it was an epic confirmation. It was like a miny Patriarchical blessing. She received great blessings, her mom wrote them down. We also had one non member at church, but he is not currently investigating. He lives in Portland, Victoria.

We found out from a member living in Victoria that there is 30 less actives in a city named Heywood, Victoria. They are all Maori’s, or native New Zealanders. They are all hiding because there is no church near there. Mt Gambier is the nearest congregation to them at about an hour away. We will get permission to leave the Mission Boundaries and probably tract as much of Heywood as possible and find these lost sheep. The member who gave us this information says one is a former Bishop in New Zealand. They all moved here so they can shear sheep.

Today for P-day we are going over to the Morris’s property and tackle some sheep and cut their tails off. And we will have this one gun thing and shoot medicine into their mouths. It is going to be a messy day today. Working on the farm. Love you all heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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