Monday, October 11, 2010

"It is good to hear from a prophets voice."

October 12, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

Things have been well this week. I really enjoyed General Conference last Sunday. I remember before my mission I needed to excercise great effort to stay awake during conference. But now i just take it all in. It is good to hear from a prophets voice. We have Stake Conference this coming Sunday in Adelaide. Also this week we have Zone Conference, we are going to be in Adelaide the whole week. On Monday, Elder Clark and I decided to work on Monday, so thats why i am emailing you today. I am just going to email you today and then we are going to take off to Adelaide. This week we have been visiting people and making sure things are in order for when we are absent from the area.

This week we have finished teaching Shaylee all she needs to know for baptism. We went “The Commandments” like Tithing, the Ten Commandments, and the Word of Wisdom. We even did a practice run for her baptismal interveiw. She will be interveiwed tonight by Bishop. The Morris family enjoyed Conference. One of the daughters did admit it was hard to follow at some point, at least thier honest, after being less active for 11 years it would be difficult to jump right into it. General Conference is good for Mt Gambier, the church is small here but when we watch that world wide broadcast it makes you feel like you are apart of something big and great.

We are going to take off now. Maybe we will take slight detours as we make our way towards Adelaide. Unfortunately it is a bit of a drippy day. Hopefully it will clear up so we can have nice conditions as we travel for 5 hours. Thanks to all who are keeping in touch with me.

Love you all heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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