Monday, October 4, 2010

"This has been a very different week."

September 26, 2010

Hello from Murray Bridge! Not in Mt Gambier at the moment.

There has been a change of plans! This has been a very different week. The Assistants to the President stuffed up and didn’t call us on Sunday night to tell us that Elder Jensen is packing his bags and is being transfered. We got the call finnally at 10:20 on Monday night and needed to be at transfers meeting 10AM the next morning in Adelaide. Adelaide is a 5 hour drive from Mt Gambier. We were not impressed, Elder Jensen packed immediately and we left early in the morning.

My new companion is and was Elder Ferris, he is from New Zealand. Unfortunately he had thrown out his back playing basketball on the Tuesday Morning before transfer meeting. So we didn’t do much work this week just taking it easy so his back could heal. The spirit has been working on Elder Ferris and he has worked up enough courage and faith in Jesus Christ to reveal a past transgression that hadn’t been confessed. Unfortunately this past transgression is bad enough for him to be sent home. We are on our way to Adelaide to the mission office, we have stopped at the Murray Bridge Library so we could email real quickly since it is P-day. So I am going to have yet another companion. I have no idea who. So yes, it has been a very different week indeed. I went months with total seclusion in Mt Gambier and now I cant seem to get away from Adelaide.

The litle amount of work we were able to do this week was continue to teach and progress Shailee for Baptism. The next time we visit that family we will begin to start teaching the commandments. She is set to be baptised on Saturday the 23rd of October. That date will come up quick.

Well I just wanted to make sure I emailed you all quickly so no one would worry about me. Looking forward to finding out who my new companion will be. We set up multiple appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday and now I have to cancel them. So I am not too excited about that. This has been the longest week in my mission I would say. Better ones to come. Going to go now.

Love you all heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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