Sunday, December 20, 2009

"We need to teach them the basics and build from there."

December 13, 2009

Hello from Murray Bridge!
I will admit I am beginning to dislike Christmas time as a missionary. Everyone is busy and leaving Murray Bridge. Every one is flat out and shopping and has no time to talk. Knocking on doors right now is pretty bad. But this week was also very good. We had our Branch Christmas party in Belair national park. We got two new investigators that a sister in the branch took with her. There are renting out a room in this sisters house. Their names are Luke and Carly. They are a young couple in their early 20s. They really enjoyed themselves and were well fellowshipped. Kevin and Bart also made it. As well as Michael and Leigh and their young family. The activity was heaps fun. We played Frisbee and I played cricket for the first time. I kept putting my bat up like in baseball. I swear they told me to put it down like 6 times. I even pitched during the cricket game. My first throw was not too bad. But then after that it was like 1/3 throws that were good.
Then on Sunday the next day. Everyone that went to the Picnic also came to church. So we had 6 investigators at church. That is the most so far in my time in Murray Bridge. I gave a 10 minute talk at church. The subject was how my life has been blessed by magnifying my priesthood. Pretty easy talk I will admit. It went very well. I am so glad we had so many investigators at church that heard me speak, let alone came to church and felt the spirit.
Then after church we had a BBQ at Sister Turner’s house. It was Bart’s Birthday. We had Michael, Leigh, Kevin and other non-members at this BBQ. So we had a really good weekend this week. Heaps of activities and fellowshipping. These investigators are no longer strangers and are now that much more familiar with church members. They even had a chance to interact with members outside of church.
We are going to have Family Home Evening with Luke and Carly tonight. They have heaps of questions after going to church. We need to teach them the basics and build from there. They are not married. Hopefully they will be married in February or March along with Michael and Leigh. We need these investigators married! Carly when she came to church was looking for the holy water, she has some Catholic background. Luke I am not too sure.
I gave Claire the book “Our Search for Happiness”. That is a good book, I felt impressed to give her my book. It will inform her heaps about the church. We have a set appointment with her and we will bring the relief society president with us to help us teach. She is going to Brisbane for a month in February.
Lily is becoming overwhelmed with handling her take away shop all by herself. June is only 10 so she does not help out. She works many hours a day. We need to keep being supportive and positive with her. She was too tired to go to church this Sunday. She is going to China for 2 months for the Chinese new year celebration in February.
Three of our investigators are going out of town for a while. Oh well, the work will continue and will progress, and so will they when they get back in March, whether I am here, or I am not. i reckon I will be here.
Love you heaps
-Elder Montgomery

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