Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I am glad to be just an instrument God can use."

November 15, 2009

Hello from Australia!
There was a baptism yesterday! Justin Chappell, he is 10 years old. His mom is fully active, he just never got baptized. So I had little to nothing to do with his conversion. But he will count as a convert Baptism since he is 10. Also two other 8 year old kids were also baptized, but they will not count towards the mission unlike Justin. But it was a big baptismal service for all of them. So my honour of men contribution to the mission is 6.
Things are progressing here in Murray Bridge. Michael and Leigh have a baptismal date on December 12th. They still have some work to do but it is good to have a distant landmark to look forward to so you can find your way when you are travelling. It is a great goal but they need to be married and quit abusing their bodies with harmful substances. I pray that they will receive strength and be able to repent.
Also Claire is sweet. She is getting closer and closer to baptism. We had a discussion with her this week and as we were leaving she said, “I think you got me”. We are going to see her next on Tuesday. I feel really good about her. She is so in tune with the spirit everything makes sense to her. She would be a blessing to be apart of this branch here in Murray Bridge.
Bart is hopefully coming to tea with us at President Smith’s house out in Callington. We are going to have family home evening together. Bart I think will be baptized in the near future. He is really good friends with Sister Turner. I believe he said to her he will be baptized after Christmas when he gets wasted for the last time. Everybody has their free agency. These are our top investigators. Good things are going to happen here in Murray Bridge. I am blessed to have witnessed the spirit work on these people. I am glad to be just an instrument God can use. I always want to leave an area better than what it was when I received it. That is my goal. In the coming months good things will happen.
Sabrina, a recent convert back in Firle went to church in Murray Bridge this Sunday. She lived here a couple of years. She told me about Patience Barlee, Neo and Black. They still all go to church. Black moved to Prospect Ward, that’s okay. Patience is looking into moving into a member’s home. And Neo is just busy with school. I love all my friends I have left back in the city. And also Anthony and Robert back in Modbury. You should try to find my friends on face book.
Being on a mission and meeting more and more people just further strengthens my testimony of the faith. I know more now more than ever that absolutely everyone needs the gospel of Jesus of Christ in their life. Everyone’s lives sucks. They really do. People are not happy. Only true happiness comes with the knowledge that they are redeemed. They can feel the joy of their redemption. I have seen people change their lives. I have seen people become happier. I love turning misery into joy. I love inviting people to change. I love teaching people about what Jesus Christ has done for us. I love bringing god to the godless. I love helping people build up their faith, because true faith leads to action. When more and more people have true faith in Jesus Christ they are willing to follow him and keep his commandments. Not just being a nice person, but leaving your old self behind in the waters of baptism and coming out of the water a new person, a follower of Jesus Christ. How grateful I am that I have the opportunity to go to church every week and renew my promise to god. That I will always follow him. That I will always remember what he has done for me. I will take his name upon myself. And how grateful I am for the promise god has given me. That I can always feel his love threw the Holy Spirit. And that I can receive a remission of my mistakes I have made in my life. I wish for everyone I meet in my life to feel what I feel. To know what I know. I want them to feel his love. I pray for this everyday. I love you all.
-Elder Montgomery.

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