Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"We had chicken and sweet potato pie..."

November 29, 2009

Hello from Murray Bridge!
We have no idea if I or Elder Ashworth are being transferred. We will find out later today. President Poulton and the Assistants to the president are still seeking guidance to know where to transfer missionaries. I think we will both stay. But you will find out next Monday. I will laugh if I am transferred again.
Things are going well. Peter came to church for the second time in a row, as did Lily and her daughter June. On Saturday we had a BBQ at Sister Turner’s house. We had 5 investigators there. Bart, Kevin, Michael/Leigh and Cristina. Cristina is a 10 year old girl, her parents are both active in the church. She just needs to be baptized. Probably in December we will push to get her baptized. She will count as a convert Baptism.
I learned my lesson on obedience. Lily is 34 years old; we thought it was okay to see her all on her own because it was in a public place and even a big counter between us. But when we would go on trade off with other Elders they would bring to our attention that we need I-care to see her. Then immediately after that occurrence we would disobey and see her another day. And in consequence she stopped progressing. We then realized we were making a big mistake, so we repented and now we see her with I-care every time. Since then Lily has made it to church 2 weeks in a row and finally stayed for all 3 hours. She is going to an enrichment activity on Tuesday. She will continue to recognize and make new friends. That will help her embrace the church. She may have felt uncomfortable or left out because of her language restrictions. But now that is being resolved, people will know not to talk too quickly and be nice and attentive to her. Also Leigh is coming to the activity as well. She really wanted to come to church this Sunday. But unfortunately their car is very unreliable. No matter what we are getting them a ride to church next Sunday. I will not take no for an answer. They are getting a ride.
This Sunday I and Elder Ashworth were asked to bless the sacrament. I have not blessed the Sacrament in a very long time. But never before has the sacrament or the atonement meant so much to me. Even though we were in a branch of some 90 people attending church, I was filled with the spirit. I was looking out into the congregation and watched everyone renew the promises they had made to god when they were baptized. That they will keep his commandments that they will always remember him and they will be a witness to everyone and bear his name. It brought me much joy to see every one receive what god had promised them back for doing these things. I watched a congregation of people receive a remission of the mistakes they had made, that the Holy Spirit will now be with them. It was beautiful to see.
I can’t believe it is almost Christmas time. I was just working at Pacific Cooler International a year ago. I think I will break off a branch of something and make a Christmas tree. It has been chilly here. It went from a heat wave of forty three degrees to rainy and cold. But I will take this cold weather; it will be the last for a couple of months.
I love hearing from everyone. I love hearing about home. I am in an upside down world from you. So keep me informed. Especially about my Broncos. Who won the World Series!?!?!? Tell me about Basketball. I know I have changed but I still love my sports. We told the Butler Family about Thanksgiving so we had tea with them on Thursday. We had Chicken and sweet potato pie, because the American pumpkin is nonexistent. Sweet potato pie was the closest thing to pumpkin pie. It was a good meal. We went around the table and said everything we were thankful for. Then we got the pig skin and threw it out in the back yard. We are Americanizing Australia! Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for everything.
We go shopping at Woolys and we do our laundry at home, we have a washer but not a drier. Today we are going to clean our flat and the car. We are going to pack up half of our stuff because we do not know if we are being transferred. We would chuck the Frisbee around, but it is a bit windy today. I do not have an accent. I can make a Bogan Aussie accent, they are easy. There are a lot of Bogan’s in Murray Bridge I am not going to lie. Like 80 percent it seems. But I love this area. I hope I stay.
Love ya heaps.
-Elder Montgomery

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