Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I am now companions with Elder Tualatamaalelagi..."

December 6, 2009

Hello from Murray Bridge!
I have not been transferred and finally staying in one place. Elder Ashworth has been transferred to my old area in Modbury Ward. I am now companions with Elder Tualatamaalelagi, he is Samoan and but grew up in New Zealand. I call him Elder T. He has been out just over one year. I have been introducing him to the area and seeing all of our friends.
I wanted him to see the extremes we have in Murray Bridge. I took him out bush to go see Claire. Claire can do what the Aboriginals do when they play the didgeridoo, they can breathe in threw the nose and exhale threw the mouth. Claire can do that when she talks. She talks heaps. An assistant to the President on a trade off said she is the most talkative investigator he has ever met. The assistants go to all the areas on trade off. She is doing well. We watched “The Testaments” with her.
Then immediately after that we went to go see the opposite of Claire, we went and saw Peter. Peter cannot talk. And he cannot hear anything. Peter is good, he has been to church 3 weeks in a row. And we tried committing him to baptism but we found out he is Jehovah witness. But obviously not practicing, he is going to church with us. We will break him.
Went and saw Michael and Leigh, we also watched “The Testaments” with them. It is such a good movie; it helps them visualize what is happening when they read the Book of Mormon. They are sweet, they bought even more animals.
Lily and June went to the Missionary Fireside in Adelaide with us yesterday. It was really good for them to hear Sabrina Tan speak. She is a Chinese girl that was baptized in June. She has a strong as testimony. It is good for them to hear a testimony of Jesus Christ from a Chinese person.
The work is continuing in Murray Bridge. We have a Branch Picnic party this Saturday in Belair National Park, we are going to invite heaps of investigators, less actives, everyone, it will be great.
I was so happy to see Patience at the fireside. She moved to a different Ward. But she is helping all of the less active Africans in Prospect Ward. I also saw Robert and Anthony at the fireside. I had not seen them for close to 2 months. Anthony and Tammy will be married on the 18th of December. They have been to the temple. And Robert and Anthony have passed the sacrament. Neo is going on Holiday to China for 2 months; he wrote me a letter in the mail. Black has also moved to Prospect Ward with Patience. It sucks, everything we tried to build in Firle ward is moving to Prospect. Oh well Prospect ward better be thankful.
Thanks Mom and Dad I got your package. It will be opened on Christmas day when we have the missionary party in Adelaide.

Love, Elder Montgomery

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