Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I cannot believe I have been out nearly 5 months!"

November 22, 2009

Hello from Murray Bridge!

Things are going well here. We had an interesting Sunday. We got our friend Peter to come to church. Peter is deaf and cannot talk. His vision is not too well either. We got Lily and June to come to church, but they just stayed for sacrament meeting, they had to go back to the restaurant and work. But we had a peculiar lesson with just Peter in gospel principles class. We used a lot of drawings and writing on the white board. The lesson was about prophets, modern and ancient. The pace of the lesson was so unorthodox I am a bit relieved we had no other investigators at church. We needed to focus on how to teach Peter. From what I can Peter enjoyed himself.
Claire was busy this week helping out “Uncle John” prepare to leave for the United Kingdom. As soon as he leaves Claire will be “free to study and learn more about the church” so she says. I look forward to when we can see her more often when she has more time. I am trying to be patient but I want her baptized so much.
Michael and Leigh are sweet. Leigh really wants to get involved in the church. They went to a cottage evening at a member’s home this Friday and met a bunch of members and had a good time. Their 7 year old daughter has health problems that causes her great pain and makes it difficult for her to move. She may be having an operation this Tuesday. I pray that she will be comforted. They may take turns going to the city and watching over their daughter when she would recover from operation. It may not be their time just yet. They would have come to church this Sunday but they had to take care of their daughter. She was unable to walk.
Kevin and Shane are sweet. Shane was very religious but was kicked out of the church he was in and hasn’t been to church in a long time. Kevin is warming up more and more to the church. We will work with them closely and bring the truth to them.
Bart is sweet. We had a Family Home Evening at President Smith’s home with Bart there. We taught Bart about dispensations and how each dispensation of times we learn something new that helps us understand the Plan of Salvation. It went very well. Unfortunately Bart was crook all week since Monday. We will wait for him to be feeling better and start visiting him.
But this week was very good. Our teaching pool is filling up. We have used the most member present lessons so far this transfer this week. Things are improving, even if they are baby steps our goal of baptizing these people is getting closer and closer.
It was heaps hot earlier this week. We had an intense heat wave. And the very next day it was cool, and raining. So we have been enjoying this fine weather, we will not have this cool weather for a couple of months.
I cannot believe there is only one week left in this transfer. I and Elder Ashworth have learned heaps. I have been wrong every time I have guessed what will happen at transfer, nevertheless I believe me and Elder Ashworth will stay together one more transfer. But in one week we will see what happens. I will be surprised if I move three times in a row. I have been in more areas than my District Leader and I have had the same amount of companions as he has. He is young as well but is coming up close to have been out about a year. I hope I do not move. It does not take long for me to love an area. I hope I stay here for Christmas. We are going to have a Christmas party in Belair National Park. It is in the hills so it should be nice weather relatively.
I cannot believe I have been out nearly 5 months!
Love you heaps
-Elder Montgomery

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