Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Letters in One

July 15, 2009

Dear Family,

So ya, I only have 30 minutes to read and respond back to emails on my account which is only on Tuesday. I only have one P-day left here. I leave the 27th which should be on a Monday. So the 20-something hour long flight is gonna be great. So you won't here from me for awhile. So just expect it. And don't worry. Each day here is getting quicker. I don't remember if I told you that or not. I'm so glad to get out of here in less than two weeks, and I'll be in Australia.

I love you-

Elder Montgomery

July 16, 2009

Dear Family,

I forgot to mail yesterday's mail so I'm just gonna save an envelope and a stamp. My companion is cool, Elder Spencer, he's from the prestigious town of Alamo, Nevada. I have practiced giving two first lessons to "investigators" and have gotten two baptismal commitments so far. So they are either really easy or I am just good. Probably just really easy and probably not realistic, but hey, I did get two baptismal commitments.

Whew 113 degrees in Yuma! Crazy.

Tell Dan congrats on passing his boards.

Tell Dad happy birthday.

I'll be excited to see how much Noah has grown when I finish my mission and to see the rest of my nieces and nephews.

Well Ima sleep -

Elder Montgomery

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