Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Email from MTC

July 21, 2009

Hey family. Like you know, I have 30 mins to write emails. Spent 5 reading haha. Thats okay. Im just waiting for my laundry to be done. Its way crowded in there. Waited like 10 mins for this open washer. And this sister in my district swooped in front of me. Should of been quicker. Oh well. I’m nice.

Its always nice to hear from you all. Although I do not miss the 116 degree weather. I tell my fellow elders and sisters that, and they just cringe. Even I do, thinking that could easily be me in that heat.

I cant wait to fly out to Australia. I leave in less than a week! I leave the 27th, which if I am correct is a monday. I will be leaving monday afternoon. And fly close to 24 hours. I think I’ll lose a day in my life since I pass over the international dateline. But I’ll get one back when I fly over again coming home in two years, if that’s correct. I could be totally wrong. Things here are great. This past week in the MTC has flown by. Pretty much since last sunday. So I will be in Australia in no time. And probably have major jet lag. But I will be up and running and doing this work in no time.

I aint gonna lie, I love Madyson writing me letters haha. They are so cute.

So is the house any cleaner without me there?

Tell Keaton if he wants my Broncos stuff he has to be a real fan and actually watch the Broncos.

I have to take pictures. I took some on sunday. I’ll take more as the week goes by. And say goodbye to all the people in my districts. Cool group of people.

I am in need of nothing. Although I should note I am not totally sure where my backup glasses are. Do you see them at the ranch? Maybe I have them. I haven’t completely unpacked.

I cant wait to leave. I cant wait to leave. I cant wait to leave. This is my 2nd and last Pday in the MTC. So the next email will be from Australia. I love you all. Thanks to all that have emailed me and written me. It does cheer me up to know I have all this support. I love you all.

-Elder Montgomery

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