Thursday, July 16, 2009

First E-mail from Braden

(Here’s the highlights from his first e-mail)

July 14, 2009 1:23:05 P.M. MST

  • Finally set up an email. So I don’t have to write handwritten letters anymore.
  • This place is like a spiritual high. Or boot camp. The days are going so fast now. Way more comparatively than last week.
  • Tuesday is my Pday, So I will get to email you this day. And be able to read what you respond back on emails.
  • I have learned more in this short week than probably in any other time in my life. I can teach the first lesson. But with practice I can be as good as I want to be. How great a blessing we have to have the restored gospel to return to our Heavenly Father. So ya, as you can see, you can probably tell what goes threw my head at night. I cant stop thinking about this work. It takes me a while to sleep at night.
  • So how is Yuma? Madyson’s letter was cute. I read it all the time haha. Mackenzie sounds like a handful. How is the rest of my nieces and nephews doing?
  • How is Moroni. If you can find out the rest of my friends emails and tell me. I would surely appreciate, wanna stay in touch with them. So just email me that.
  • This place is great. But I’d rather be in Australia. It would be easy to gain weight here. I swear all you can eat, Plus all the packages parents send their kids. They can’t eat it all, so today a bunch of elders gave me junk food cause they cant carry that weight on the airplane. So I’m sitting pretty on junk food. But I will watch myself. Don’t wanna gain weight.
  • I need to take more pictures! I got two weeks so it will be okay.
  • I went to the temple today. So that was a really good experience. Everytime I’m in there I am thankful I didn’t screw up when I was younger. I’m glad I made the right choices. I’m in the place I want to be. Except I would prefer Australia.
  • I’ve seen Ryan (Colvin). Talked to him for awhile. he said he thinks he saw Nathaniel Klem so that will be exciting if i run into him.
  • Well I only got so much time on this thing. I have everything I need to my knowledge.
  • I love you all.

If you'd like to e-mail Braden, his address is:

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