Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"I spent Christmas day at various homes of members....We had breakfast, lunch and two dinners. I was so full."

December 28, 2010

Hello from Palmerston!
It was good to call home on Christmas Day (for you). When I hear everyone you can catch the American Accent. It will be crazy when I am back in the States. I was most surprised by Keaton, maybe it was just how I heard it on the telephone but he has the strongest accent of everyone. I do not believe I have an Aussie accent. I just believe I do not have as strong as of an American accent as I once had. But I will always have an American accent. I like saying my “Rs” in the right places.

We have an investigator named Sara; we went over “The Family, A Proclamation to the world.” After teaching her a few things we committed her to Baptism. We had her pray herself and choose a Baptismal date. She felt that April 17th was the day. At first I thought, “Man that is ages away”. But after pondering on it, I know that that is the correct date. She will need a bit of time to prepare herself for baptism. She has a desire to give up cigarettes and she will have to be married to her partner who she is living with.

We are teaching a man named Scott. He is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. Our main objective with him is how to recognize the Spirit. His wife is going through Chemotherapy. She is a Less active from Canada. Scott is following the example of Joseph Smith and is asking questions, which is what we want, I love answering questions. The problem sometimes they are questions that have nothing to do with our salvation. So it is very difficult to stick to our planned lessons.

I spent Christmas day at various homes of members. I enjoy Christmas with Families much more than spending it with many missionaries like last year. We had breakfast, lunch and two dinners. I was so full. I just want to thank everyone for the packages they sent me for Christmas. I call down the blessings of heaven to be upon you.

Today we have P-day on Wednesday; it was public holiday on Monday and Tuesday so we decided to proselyte because people were more likely to be home. On Mondays the Laser tag place is closed. But since this week P-day is not on Monday the laser tag facility is available. That is what we will more than likely do today.
Love you all heaps
Elder Montgomery

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