Monday, December 13, 2010

"I am getting transfered to the Northern Territory!"

December 12, 2010

i dont have much time to email today.

I am getting transfered to the Northern Territory!
I am leaving Mt Gambier very soon
Pretty crazy, my companion is being transfered to the Northern Territory as well. We fly up Tuesday morning.
I do not know where exactly i am going in the NT, won't find out till later.
If i get transfered to Darwin, i will have done the longest land transfer in the world, or one of the biggest in the world.
It is a distance from Detroit to Mexico City, but i might go to Alice Springs or anything inbetween.
It is going to be much different than Mt Gambier, it will be very very hot.
Up in Darwin it is very Hot, wet and muggy, and in Alice it is very Hot and dry. Either way it is going to be hot, first i am going to do is invest in a Camel Back.
Looking forward to call home, i still have to buy a card, il do that next P-day.
I am going to go drive to Adelaide today very shortly.
I am more attached to Mt Gambier than i thought. I hope to return to South Australia someday after my mission.

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