Monday, December 13, 2010

"Thanksgiving is coming up; a member is having us over for tea that night. But Elder Rea and I bought us a little chicken to cook..."

November 21, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier

Things are ever so progressing over here. We had multiple less actives at church. We have multiple appointments set next week to start teaching people, investigators and less actives. We are bringing members to help us teach every appointment. Invitations are way more effective when it comes from members. It is starting to get very sunny here in Mt Gambier, I am so not acclimated to warm weather, being here during the whole winter has had an effect on me. Mt Gambier is one of the coldest areas in all of Australia and it receives heaps of rain. If I had left this area a couple weeks ago I would have always remembered Mt Gambier has a wet gray place. But it is quite pleasant now.

People are starting to get into the Christmas spirit. The city on the main street is decked out on Christmas decorations. We are giving away heaps of “Joy to the World” pass along cards when we knock on doors, we give them out when they are initially not interested in our message, and we have just been offering them that free DVD. I kind of want to be transferred because I do not want to be in one area for like half of my mission. But if I do get transferred in three weeks into a new area, I will not know anyone during the holidays. It is good to know the members during this special time of year. Thanksgiving is coming up; a member is having us over for tea that night. But Elder Rea and I bought us a little chicken to cook for Lunch on that Holiday. Chicken is close enough to Turkey.

We are going to go Christmas Shopping today. I am quite slack; I need to send it off this week if it is to get to you guys in time for Christmas. Always remember I am a pretty cheap person. I hope I do not forget any nieces or nephews. To tell you the truth I do not know any of the new ones names, these things get past me. I meet too many people on the mission to remember names. I might just get family gifts or something to make it easy. Going to go now Love you all heaps

Elder Montgomery

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