Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Members named the Bryants are the Mum and Dad to us in the area...took us on a road trip near Jabiru and we did some sightseeing out in the bush."

January 4, 2011

Hello from Palmerston!

Tuesday is P-day this week; it is different every day of this transfer it seems. We did things a bit different this P-day schedule wise. Members named the Bryants are the Mum and Dad to us in the area and they took us on a road trip near Jabiru and we did some sightseeing out in the bush. I was very careful because I will admit there was quite a bit of water and you just can’t trust that there isn’t a crock inside it. Even the smallest water hole could have one. We went to the Adelaide River, where there is the famous jumping crocks boat tour, we didn’t go on the boats it makes you feel better mum. It is pretty crazy to think that river had thousands of crocks in it. Maybe we will go on it on another day. I saw some birds I had never seen before. Dad would be jealous. We finished off today when the Bryants took us back to Darwin city and we went to the Museum. That was pretty cool. There was a sound room recording of cyclone Tracey that hit Darwin in 1974. It totally destroyed Darwin. The noise of the wind and the metal scraping for multiple hours would have been a nightmare.

We had to be in our flats by 5 pm on New Year’s Eve and we couldn’t leave the flat until 2pm the next day. People just would not be in their right state of mind if we had called in on anyone. It was the same deal last year. Traditions in Australia are the same in America. Heaps of fireworks throughout the day went off. There were no guns fired unlike in America. In a drunken frenzy some guy shot his wife with a crossbow and killed her. That is pretty nuts. We went to bed at 10:30 didn’t do anything interesting, we just did our weekly planning. We ordered a pizza for Dinner.

This week we had really good lessons with some of our investigators. Scott has read up to Alma. He is on fire with his reading. He has been praying earnestly for his answer. His wife Jen is going through a hard time with chemotherapy. Scott has been unavailable to go to church to take care of her while she is going through this tough time. Scott believes that the events and people in the Book of Mormon are real but he is pondering whether the religion is real. Quite a different concern from what I have come across as a missionary. Scott will be baptized as soon as he gets his answer.

Sara is going well. We visited her 3 times this last week all with different members present. We taught her again the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration, we also taught her about Temples. Her reading of the Book of Mormon is much slower than Scott. She is in the latter end of first Nephi. Sara is set to be baptized in April; she has already felt the Holy Ghost. She just needs to obey the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity.

I am just going to finish up anything else I need to do for P-day. I live on number 19, unit 5 on Mannakin Ct in the suberb of Bakewell. First units on the left if i was driving into the street. P-day will be on Monday next week and from now on.

Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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