Sunday, January 23, 2011

"I am getting transferred....Flying into Adelaide."

January 24, 2011

Hello from Palmerston

For the last time! I am getting transferred. Pretty crazy turn of
events. I so did not see that coming. My flight leaves in 2 hours.
My guess is I will be transferred somewhere to Adelaide. I am happy I
did see a different side of the world. Darwin is a beautiful place.
It will be interesting going from a wet heat to a dry heat. It is
summer in Adelaide. I am escaping a potential cyclone so that is
good. There might be one hitting Darwin this week. I have noticed a
pattern in my mission, the areas I take over, I take over very
quickly. The areas I do not take over I am transferred out very
quickly. Australia Day is coming up. It will be fun to try and play
some cricket.
We had a good last week in Palmerston. We have Sara, Scott and
Andrew all progressing. Kimberly and Diego are also being taught.
There should be a couple baptisms in the near future for this area. We
finished strong in the transfer. We taught the most lessons this week
than any other.
I am going to go now. Flying into Adelaide.
Love you all heaps
-Elder Montgomery

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