Monday, May 10, 2010

"This pack of cigarettes is now in our flat serving as a trophy to remind us of the power of the Holy spirit."

May 2, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

This has been the first time in a long time since i have missed church. This Sunday was stake conference in Adelaide. We didnt have the kilometres to spare to go all that distance to Adelaide so we just stayed in Mt Gambier. So me and Elder Williams organized a quick get together activity at the park in front of Valley Lake, which is just a big lake near the city. We made a barbie and fed them whatever was in our freezer, which was sausages and chicken patties. It was fun, just a little something for the members that couldnt afford to make the 5 hour drive to adelaide.

We went into this members home this week and we immediately smelled cigarettes. This member was going through alot of stress and trials. He regressed back to smoking to receive comfort. We asked him if he felt the divine companionship of the holy spirit at this time. He said no. We explained that to feel the spirit you have to replace the bad with the good. We asked him if he wanted us to help him purge out the bad feelings in his heart, he said yes. We then sung him his favorite hymn. And we read Mosiah chapter 18 out of the Book of Mormon with him. This is an excellent chapter, it talks about love, charity and unity. We then said a prayer with him. We did the basics, but they are the most powerful ways we can all obtain the greater comforter or the Holy spirit. By the end he was strongly prompted to threw us the pack of ciggarettes, he shed a bit of tears and we left him with a hug. This pack of cigarettes is now in our flat serving as a trophy to remind us of the power of the Holy spirit.

We have 6 committments from less actives that they will come to church on Mothers day. And we should have two investigators at church as well. I am looking forward to next Sunday so the area can begin to progress. I received 3 cakes for my birthday from members. I was very spoiled. It is good to hear from you all. I will call home for Mothers day so that is exciting, feels like just a while ago i called home for Christmas. got to go
Love you heaps
-Elder M ontgomery

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