Monday, May 17, 2010

"We had a big primary activity on Saturday...I acted as Joseph Smith..."

May 17, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier
This week was transfers and neither I nor Elder Williams is being transferred. We are both staying. We had a pretty good turnout for church yesterday. We got three investigators to church yesterday. One is a ten year old boy named Mitchell; his younger brother was baptized a couple months ago. We also got a 17 year old young woman named Sara to church. And also we brought a woman named Colleen to church. On top of that we also got 4 less actives to church. So it was a good day yesterday.

We had a big primary activity on Saturday, the chapel was decorated, and each room was a dispensation in Joseph Smiths life. I acted as Joseph Smith in alot of these presentations, Hill Cumorah, translation of the Book of Mormon, organization of the church, the children acted as a mob and threw me into jail. We even played stick pull. The next day at church all the primary kids called me Joseph Smith. Silly kids but they are cute.

We will continue to work and help progress this area in the lord’s vineyard. We are organizing a missionary fireside in the near future we are pushing it back from this week. The fireside will be about the Restoration. We are getting less actives to participate in the Fireside and have them speak. Some of these people haven’t said a talk in church in years. We pray this will ease them in and hopefully their testimony will grow from participating in this fireside.

Since we don’t have to go to Adelaide for Transfers we will have extra Kilometres to work in the outskirt surrounding areas of Mt Gambier. Planning with the bishopric we are going to invite some members to travel to a city about an hour north of here to have a side sacrament meeting in Naracoorte and inviting all the less actives to come and partake, most of their excuses is the distance of going to church. Most of them have a testimony they just need to be fellowshipped and then they will sacrifice to drive the distance to come to church. Even if it is twice a month it is so much better than not going to church at all.

I have to go; it is good to hear from you all.

Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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