Sunday, May 30, 2010

"We are teaching a ten year old boy named Mitchel."

May 30, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

Sorry for not mass emailing you all last week, I didn’t have time. We are teaching a ten year old boy named Mitchel. We have taught him the Restoration, Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus of Christ. He has read all of the “Book of Mormon Reader” which is the Book of Mormon with pictures. He loves the stories in them especially when Nephi zaps his brothers when they tried to beat him up. He told us, “If god is real, zap my dad!” Funny kid he is, his Dad is not a member but he gave the green light to have his son baptized. I have not met the mother, they are obviously separated. We have an appointment with Mitchel today, we are going to teach him some commandments and set the actual baptism date. I gave a talk today in church as well as Jarom this week. My talk was on the gifts of the spirit. It was a pretty good talk.

We had two former investigators at church today. A 26 year old girl named Kristy. She went to church for three years when she was young women’s age. Then some missionaries were a bit pushy so she stopped coming to church. So it was her first time back to church in a long time, except for a Funeral in between. I heard that the first counsellor in the bishopric was talking to her about Baptism at church yesterday. I really hope that didn’t mess up her progression, she has been back one time and she might be felt rushed. I was talking to the Sister that invited her back to church and she said everything is okay, no damage done. The other former investigator named Penny stopped investigating about a year ago when she was asked to give a prayer in the gospel principles class when it was the first time ever she had stepped into a church, she has never prayed. So that turned her off and made her feel uncomfortable. Not the best decisions those missionaries have ever done. But we are working with them. All the recent converts from 2009 went less active in a matter of months after their baptisms. I am happy to report they are once again active.

It is good to hear from you all. Love you heaps.

-Elder Montgomery

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