Sunday, February 28, 2010

"This experience to be apart of God’s work and glory (Moses 1:39) is the highlight of my life."

March 1, 2010

Hello from Australia!

I am still in Murray Bridge. And happy to be here, Michael and Leigh signed their marriage certificate on Saturday. So now they can be married according to Australia law 30 days later as the minimum. There are no “Las Vegas” weddings here. They will be married by Branch President Smith on March 31st. Their set baptism date is April 4th. Just at the end of this transfer, so I know I will be able to witness that beautiful day. I cannot believe it has been a year since I have received my mission call to serve in the Australia Adelaide Mission. I remember dancing with mom in the living room and whooping for joy. This experience to be apart of God’s work and glory (Moses 1:39) is the highlight of my life. Bart received a calling in the church as the building representative. He now has physical keys to the priesthood. Kevin is doing well. He is almost finished having his new member discussions.

I got a new companion; Elder Tuala got transferred back into Adelaide. He wanted to stay. My new Companion is named Elder Taufa, he has been out one year this friday. He is from Sydney but is full blood Tongan. He is different from Elder Tuala but they are both Polynesian. Elder Taufa just came from serving 9 months in a city called Broken Hill. I feel very safe walking in the streets of Murray Bridge. Elder Taufa aspires to be a professional Rugby player. For being a big guy he is almost as fast as me. Elder Taufa was also trained by Elder Inglis. We are going to do morning exercise with Michael and Leigh every other day. We all want to loose weight. We went to contact this referral from a member, it was her mom. When we contacted her she was very angry and said, “I am not a Mormon why are you here”. The situation didn’t seem to go anywhere, she was about to leave for church, she is a seventh day Adventist. We then said we will go to church with you. She went from angry to an angel. That was an interesting service. I am happy for my testimony in the restored gospel that I have the knowledge that is outside the darkness of apostasy, which is indeed a reality. It is getting cooler outside, I will invest in a 2nd hand jumper. I did not bring one from home. Have to go now. Love ya heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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