Monday, March 15, 2010

"We will continue to do the work in Murray Bridge. There is good potential here."

March 8, 2010

Hello from Murray Bridge!

The biggest news here is that Michael and Lee have passed their baptism interview. They are set to get baptized on Easter Sunday, the 4th of April. They will be married on March 31st. We are now concentrating on their 8 year old daughter Krystal. We are now teaching to her level and she will be baptized with her Parents.

Lily and June are still in China as expected. But I am not sure when they get back. We are going to focus on the Paton family, they are less active. They live out bush. They have come to church twice in a 30 day period without anyone really inviting them. Their two teenage sons are not baptized. We will have to walk on egg shells if we appear too bold and pushy we will scare them away. We will have to just love them. We will do non “threatening” visits and just leave spiritual thoughts. The spirit will work with them and soon they will be prepared to hear the discussions and come unto Christ. We will be patient and have faith for the spirit to do that.

Also we are going to focus on another less active family. Her name is Rosetta, she is aboriginal. She was baptized 10 years ago in Adelaide but then moved to Murray Bridge, when at that time there wasn’t much of a church here at all. Maybe 7 people were attending every Sunday. She did not know the church existed and so fell away. But the church does exist in Murray Bridge! With about 100 people attending each Sunday. She wants her kids to learn about Jesus Christ. Her 4 oldest kids are baptized, but the youngest 4 kids are not. She has 4 sons we will be teaching, Kirtly 16, Mali 14, Canaan 12, and Josh 10. That is a lot of potential priesthood holders. It will be the greatest blessing in their lives if we can bring standards and morals into their lives just before they start seriously messing up. It is Aboriginal Culture to go to prison, shows you are a man. We will begin teaching them this week. We tried to teach Rosetta when I first came to Murray Bridge with Elder Ashworth but then she kept dodging us. But last month her mom passed away so now she is humbled and prepared to let god into her life again. We will continue to do the work in Murray Bridge. There is good potential here.

Love ya heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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