Sunday, March 21, 2010

"We help people with change...I pray we can help them."

March 22, 2010

Hello from Murray Bridge!
Michael has givien up smoking, Lee and Mike will start paying their tithing this coming sunday. They are set to get married on the 31st of March. Me and Taufa will be the witnesses. Then on Sunday the 4th of April they will be baptized. I will perform the ordinance for Lee. Taufa will baptize little Kyrstal and a member will baptize Mike. In the baptism services i do not like to participate much, i would prefer if the members did everything but it is their decision. They came to church, they are much more comfortable at church now. Lee went to a releif society activity this week. The little girls love learning about Jesus. Before Mike finnally quit smoking i told the girls whenever they see their father smoking to tell him to repent. It was really cute. We got a less active aboriginal sister to church named Rosetta and one of her 4 unbaptized children named Josh also to come to church. She loved it and said she will be back next week. The lesson in class was off the lesson in the gospel principles book "work and family responsibility" i think that is exactly what she needed to learn about. The work ethic of Aboriginals is not the greatest. We are working closesly with her family. Her 14 year old son named Mali will be sentenced this week for stealing $15,000 worth of jewlery. Kirtly the 16 year old has good potential hopefully he doesn't get sentenced as well. But Kirtly was given 3 months to show he has changed, he is a really nice kid he just needs direction. We help people with change. Kenan the 12 year old is a lost kid. Just the other night i know he went out and jumped a fence and stole some alcohol. We are literally saving them before they all screw up their lives. I pray we can help them.
We got another baptism committment out of a man who was a media referel named Patrick Hill. He ordered the Dvd, Lamb of God. The church is doing a big Easter holiday media push and it is working. We taught him the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. He has Pentecostal background but is searching for the truth, he has found it with us. We are still continueing to work with the Aboriginal network.

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