Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Transfer Day "I hope I stay, I should find out in a couple of hours."

February 22, 2010

Hello from Murray Bridge.

Later today we should find out transfers. I think I will stay. But only once have I guessed correctly one transfer and that was the last one when I and Elder Tuala stayed. I know that I am not going up north if I am being transferred. The people that are going up north find out Sunday evening. But I do not think I will be transferred at all. I want to stay in Murray Bridge for two more transfers. That should be long enough to see Lily and June get baptized.

The only thing that is keeping Michael and Leigh from progressing is getting Leigh’s birth certificate. Once they have that Branch President Smith will sign their marriage papers and in thirty days later they can be married. And once they are married we will proceed to baptize them. They do not want me to leave yet. I hope I stay I should find out in a couple of hours. Elder Tuala wants to stay as well. I wouldn’t mind that. We are going to take more focus on door knocking next transfer. We do not have as many investigators as I would like. They keep getting baptized. Or will be baptized.

I am going to start a sandwich diet, it should be healthier. I have gained a bit of weight, also because I have been too lazy to exercise in the morning, which I will also start to do again. Bart and Kevin blessed the Sacrament this Sunday. Michael in Priesthood was asked to stand up, President Smith announced that Michael and his family are going to be baptized and join the branch and that if anyone did not know him, get to know him. So that was good. We brought along 4 members to help teach Michael and Leigh this week. So they are that much more fellowshipped. The branch is moving forward, President Smith is pleased.
We are going to clean the flat today in case one of us is moving. got to go.
Love ya heaps
-Elder Montgomery

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