Saturday, February 6, 2010

"For Australia day we played Cricket, had sausages, kangaroo, lamb and steak."

January 31, 2010

Hello from Murray Bridge!
Bart and Cristina were baptized on Saturday! All of South Australia did not have white clothing that could fit Bart. We even went to the temple. Bart is a size 7XL. The members really pulled threw for us. A sister in the Branch sewed up a suit out of white curtains. It was sweet; we will donate this makeshift suit to the temple for whenever Bart wants to do baptisms. I baptized Bart with the assistance of Elder Tuala. If I send a picture you will see how large of a man Bart is. He is 200Kgs. Luckily when he went under he displaced so much water that two waves went over him and completely immersing him. I thought it would have taken a few tries to get his whole body under the water. But all is well first attempt and done. Bart received the Priesthood on Sunday.

Sister Turner had a dinner in celebration for Bart’s baptism. We had soup, Roast with cooked vegetables, mainly pumpkin, potato, peas and carrots. It was a good feed.

Sister Turner said something profound to me. She was wondering what would happen in the church if everyone introduced two people to the restored gospel? Kevin and Bart are important; they will receive the Melchizedek priesthood probably in October. When that happens perhaps Murray Bridge will become a ward. Also we need like 8 more people consistently attending church, once we reach a certain number of people attending church, we send that number off to Sydney and then the church will provide a building for us. As of now we are meeting every Sunday in an abandoned shopping center complex.

Michael and Leigh came to church today. They haven’t come to church since December. They will not get married for a couple of months. They said they both would like to be baptized. They stayed all three hours. Leigh read 7 chapters out of the new gospel principles book. She is feasting upon the words of Christ. We are going to go fishing with Michael next Monday down in the River Murray. They really love their animals. Every time we go there they have a new animal that they brought home. This week they got two more cats and two more ducks. Their two daughters call me Lolly Man, because we always give them lollies to calm them down.
Lily and June will be leaving for China next Sunday. We will miss them. As a gift I will give them my plan of salvation visual that I use to teach people. I want her to teach her family when she goes on holiday. She is getting married to her boyfriend in China; she also wants another child and wants the child born In Australia.

Kevin is sweet. Heather, his ex partner is semi Jehovah Witness. Kevin like totally defended his faith. I am teaching Kevin how to spiritually defend himself. Elder Tuala is teaching him how to physically defend himself.

We got a less active to come to church two weeks in a row. And yesterday at church she actually paid her tithing. Bad on me for such little faith. But we are excited for another sister active in the branch.

For Australia day we played Cricket, had sausages, kangaroo, lamb and steak. Drank some butter beer and ate some weird Australian desert that has a meat pie. Crazy Aussies. Also we played tug-o-war. Southern district won! Murray Bridge, Mt Barker and Mt Gambier Elders beat the Elders from Marion district. Also we had training from Elder Jay Jenson from the presidency of the quorum of the seventy. And another 70, Elder Muer I think his name was. His son is coming into the mission in 3 weeks. Maybe I will train him. I think I am training next transfer. Maybe a Tongan, There are 3 Tongans coming in next transfer.

Good to hear from my families always. Its good to hear at least my parents are feeding the missionaries. I am going to Adelaide for P-day, we are going to hit China Town.

Love ya heaps
-Elder Montgomery

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