Friday, September 4, 2009

"Member missionary work is the best way to do missionary work."

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Mom and Family!

It’s Monday the 31st of August, around noon time. Just want to let you know that things are awesome here in Firle. As you know Patience was baptized on the 23rd and confirmed just yesterday. It was crazy she was late to Church, the blessing is usually done at the beginning of the sacrament meeting but she missed it. But after all the speakers spoke we did the confirmation last. It was a great way to end the sacrament meeting with the spirit so strong after everyone hearing that blessing by Bishop. I am so happy to witness this great change in her life.

Member missionary work is the best way to do missionary work. There is a network very apparent in my area. It all started with the conversion of Lu Xian. She is awesome. From her she talked to her friends about the church. And that’s how Sabrina was baptized. And from a combo of both Lu Xian and Sabrina, Lilly was fellowshipped and baptized. And from Lilly, my friend Neo has gained knowledge of our church, and we began to teach him lessons. Neo will be baptized this Friday the 4th of September. Neo is so strong. He prayed at the end of the gospel principle class and at the end of his prayer he said, ”I am so happy for my baptism on Friday.” I was so happy to hear that. That is the best prayer I have heard. Although I love all investigators’ prayers, that was my favorite so far.

From Sabrina we have a new investigator named Black and he is Chinese. He has been to church 3 times in 2 weeks and has seen a baptism. It will be good for him to see Neo’s baptism as well. When Patience saw another baptism that helped her out heaps. We have yet to teach Black anything, but you just know he will be receptive to the spirit. We will work with him.

This coming Saturday we are spearheading a huge activity. We are creating a China Town in the church. We are inviting heaps of Chinese people, and having them bring their own food. It hasn’t taken me long to love Chinese food. There will be decorations and games and we are going to watch a spiritual movie and get the progress flowing. I’m way excited for that and for the rest of the weeks to come. I am blessed to be here and be a part of this great work.

Chuck the recipes. I am now in the phase where I buy heaps of noodles and rice as my base meal and then add spices and flavorings, frozen vegetables and meat into it. I have a feeling that is what I will live off of for a long time. Not just on my mission. Its so cheap and it tastes great. But perhaps I could find a time to cook one of those recipes. I do not mind them, send them my way.

I do not need anything that I can think of. Although I ain't going to lie, I am having Reeses withdrawals. I know they melt but they can be resurrected. This is my last week of my first transfer. Maybe I’ll move, maybe I won’t. They are every 6 weeks. I should be taking more pictures. My flat is sufficient to survive in. It has running water and a heater. Buying groceries is so much cheaper with 3 people splitting the cost so that’s nice. Those Dear Elder letters get here 18 or so days after you send them. Everyone else gets letters in like 12 or 11 days. Its funny to get those outdated old news letters. But I still enjoy them!

The slang here is not really intense. Nobody says Crikey. Only old people use slang. This newer generation has their own but its not intense. What areas did Brother Groggett and Brother Rubisch serve in? Still interested in knowing how my friend Rudy is doing. Hope Lauryn is all good. Tell TJ and Moroni I love them. Tell Keaton tennis was the best decision I made in high school. Such a fun sport. Tell Jarom I still expect him to beat me at a game of golf in 4 years. Tell Kyle to keep up with the Broncos for me. Tell Adrian good luck I wish him well. Tell Dan to keep up the good work. And for all of you, feed the missionaries. Not just you mom, everybody. Dan, Kyle, Brianna, Tanner. I get fed by so many. I am a missionary, so you all should feed missionaries. Get those dogs’ papers.

Im going to go to the zoo today, or to the falls. Not sure. Later!
-Elder Montgomery

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  1. This is such a wonderful blog! How humbling it must be to be a part of a person's conversion to the gospel. Baptisms are always so special. Keep up the good work!

    Sister Mary Hales