Monday, September 28, 2009

"Have you done any good in the world today?"

September 20, 2009

Hello from Adelaide!
I would just like to tell you that I am doing great. This was a good week. Every other morning at 7 o’clock we study the scriptures and Preach my Gospel with two perspective missionaries. Its really cool to meet with them once or twice a week and learn with them and strengthen their desire to serve the lord. They are both making progress. One of the boy’s sister is named Phoebe, she is inactive and has a kid with her partner Patrick, a Maori. We are teaching Patrick. Patrick and Phoebe and both came to church yesterday. Patrick is awesome, he was really sick most of last week, and we only communicated with him through the telephone. We didn’t actually see him. I didn’t think they would make it to church. But to my surprise they made it. That just summarizes yesterday’s church for me. I didn’t think we would have too many investigators at church today, maybe three investigators. yet seven investigators came to my surprise. Patrick was one, a 9-year-old Congo boy named Joel. Tammy, a less active woman brought her son who is not yet a member named Robert to church, and her fiancĂ© Anthony. Its really cool these less active women are coming to church and bringing people they love to learn more about Jesus Christ. Also my three Fijian friends came to church. Their situation is interesting. Their parents have died. And they are living with their aunt and uncle, who are strong members of the church. They have come to church every week for a very long time. But they would only get baptized to please their aunt and uncle. So we are not going to baptize them until they gain a strong testimony.
Also I was very pleased to see a certain inactive sister at church. This sister was very strong in the church. But became inactive for about a year. We brought her old seminary teacher and taught her a strong member present lesson. Her main concern was she didn’t want to be sealed to her father or her husband but wanted to be sealed with her children. So after a strong lesson with her, I was so happy to see her at church. She has had a pretty rough life. Actually being a missionary and meeting a lot of people. I have learned a lot about people’s lives, and have learned very disturbing things. There are a lot of messed up people in the world. And it makes me sad. Because I know the gospel of Jesus Christ can help everyone who applies it to their lives. With this knowledge sometimes they do not accept. But I will always continue to do my best and fulfill my purpose as a missionary, and invite people to come unto Christ. Because it is the joy of seeing the changes in Rudy, Neo and Patience’s lives that fuels my desire to work diligently. I know there are others out there. Who are elect, prepared to hear the word of God, and come unto Christ. I may have already found some with my present teaching pool. But I have tens of thousands of people in my area. Many people are searching for the truth, but they do not know where to find it. I know there are many of god’s elect even wherever this email is read. We must all work together in unity to bring to pass this marvelous work and wonder. Even my family. You should all get involved. Have you done any good in the world today?
This coming week we are going to target the Liberians. There are approximately 700 Liberian refugees in Australia. Me and Elder Roland went to a Liberian celebration on Saturday. The Liberians are very close and loving group of people. Whenever a new Liberian arrives in Adelaide many of them go to the airport to greet them and have a party at their house. Many times, like this Saturday, it is a reunion of families that were once separated for a great amount of time. Like our Liberian friend Gomar, her husband arrived Saturday to Australia from Africa. So there was a party in which we were invited to. I would say easily we stood out in the crowd, with our white shirts and ties. But we were very welcomed. Africans are very nice and very humble. Gomar’s husband is named Joseph; he is going to be their Baptist minister. He gave a speech at the party. He is humble as. Praises God that he has arrived in Australia and said we are men of God. This week we are going to visit him and teach him. I am excited, if we can get the spirit to convert him I think this will greatly open the road to the conversion of many Liberians. Liberians are unique. When they talk to each other, it sounds like they are arguing with each other even shouting. It was intense; there was heaps of Liberians in a small room I was in. All I can say is it was epic. It was so loud. Even when they laugh it sounds like they are arguing/shouting. It was so cool to witness that. I’ll remember that forever.
We have other African families who we are in contact with. This week we are going to focus on them. Africans are very religious
Also on Saturday we met with two Korean girls named Claire and Irene. Missionaries are not allowed at their house. They haven’t been in contact with missionaries for about a month. But this Saturday we had tea with them at a member’s home. It was way good. We now have a place established where we bring the girls to be taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Before, Elder Roland had encouraged them to get a job and support themselves. Unfortunately they found one, and now they work on Sundays. Hopefully they will get a new job and make it to church and then be baptized.
All the Chinese are way dedicated to school because most Chinese have only one child. So if they don’t do well in school it brings dishonor and shame to the family. They are having huge exams coming up soon. So we are giving them space so they can study for a while. This week is African week. It is going to be great.
Yaaayyy Adrian is going to finally get his boy. How exciting. The boy best be a Broncos fan when I come home.
Yaaayyy Dans baby is coming up really soon! I lost track of when that baby was going to be born. I can’t wait to congratulate Brianna and Brittni.
I look at some old missionaries who have been out for a while. And many of them have gained weight. Elder Roland has gained 20Kgs! I don’t intend on gaining weight but its hard not to. We get fed heaps here - like everywhere we go. Every member feeds us, even investigators. Especially the 3 Fijians, we told them we had eaten lunch already, but they still made a three-course lunch for us and then shortly after that we went to a tea date with a member. Holy cow that was heaps of food we ate that day.
Today is Pday. It is bit of a gloomy day, might rain. We might just be inside and play basketball or volleyball. Springtime is here. It’s going to get hot very soon. And this once beautiful green city will become brown and dead. Nobody is allowed to water their front lawns, there is a huge water shortage here. But it’s been a really wet winter so hopefully Adelaide will stay green for a bit longer than usual. It was funny, Elder Roland started his mission in Firle just like me. He got here during summer, when everything was dead and brown. Then he got called up North his 2nd transfer. Then flew back to Adelaide in the middle of next winter. He felt like he was robbed. Adelaide is beautiful in the winter, or rainy season. It is so green and there is such a variety of trees and plants.
Keep me in touch with Moroni and Tj and Rudy and Matthew Broby and other Elders on their missions for me. Thanks.
Hey I love you all. Talk to you guys later! Love you all.
Congrats to Derek Tollestrup!
I wonder why not all my siblings write to me.
-Elder Montgomery

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