Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"I am being transferred."

September 6, 2009

I am doing great. I love hearing from everyone.

Neo was baptized on September 4th. China Town Night [activity at the Church] was a huge success. We must have had about 12 investigators show up to the China Town Night at the Church. We decorated the church like China Town and had heaps of Chinese food. In all there was about 70 people.

Black has committed to be baptized on the 19th of September! Chris really wants to be baptized, but he is trying to quit smoking.

Unfortunately I will not be here in Firle to witness the eventual baptism of Black and Chris and others. I am being transferred. I will find out tomorrow where I will go. I was asked to pack my bags. I don’t think I’ll go up to Darwin or Alice Springs, but somewhere else in the city. Transfers are on Tuesday morning.

Exciting things have happened here in just six weeks. I was blessed to be in the Firle Area, and meeting such wonderful people. There were two baptisms this last transfer, Patience and Neo and one solid baptismal date is set as I leave this area now. Black has committed to be baptized, we taught him at the church, we had him face the baptismal font as we sat together as we taught him for the first time. Each of them had a similar problem - they all would have loved to be baptized, but family pressure has gotten the better of them. So I ask you now to pray everyday to soften the hearts of the families of these investigators that they will be accepting and respect the decisions that these investigators had made. Neo is solid. He would be such a great leader if he moved back to China. He is solid as. Patience is making friends at church, so that is great. She has a hunger to know more about Jesus Christ. She loves going to institute class and church.

Chris is struggling to quit smoking. Like anyone else would. He is almost a month without drinking. But he is trying hard. He wants to be baptized so bad. And that’s what pushes him. He has great motivation. He has vision. He is thinking of life after his baptism. He will be baptized someday.

I set up an appointment with Miles this coming Friday. I won’t be there. But I pray Elder Inglis will teach a good lesson and Miles will commit to baptism. The field is white and ready to harvest here in Firle. I feel really good about Miles I think he will be the next baptism after Black. Good things will happen here in the future.

Albert, an old man who was one of the four investigators who wanted to be baptized a couple weeks ago, but the family came in and told him not to, passed away on Tuesday. He was very old, in bed about 90%, very dependent on his family taking care of him. They had told him if he got baptized they would no longer go see him. So he couldn’t be baptized. But I know God knows the virtue of his heart. He would have gotten baptized. I will go to the temple on behalf of him in a year or so.

I am excited to go wherever I am sent, and contribute and help bring people unto Christ.

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