Monday, September 28, 2009

"I got transferred to Valley View."

September 13, 2009

Hello from Australia!

I am doing swell. I got transferred to Valley View. It is really close to Firle. Valley View is just north of my old area. I did not go far. I traveled in a car to my new area. I will be driving next transfer, which will be exciting driving on the left side, actually it will be exciting to drive at all. I love driving. At first I use to walk to the drivers side on accident all the time, trying to sit in the passenger seat but I am getting better at not doing that. I am up here in Modbury Stake with Elder Roland from Utah. He is about 21 months into his mission. He has two transfers left. My address just to look at it on Google earth, do not mail anything to this address. It is 8/18 Cruzier Ave Valley View. It is pretty close to the Stake Center and Tea Tree Plaza which is a huge shopping center. I am not riding a bike at all. Both my areas were just driving a car. This is a great blessing because I do not favor riding a bike, although it may do me good. This new area they feed us heaps. My first night we had two tea dates. Big mistake. The first feed was with a Polynesian, and you know they feed you heaps. So I was already full and then we went to another member’s home and of course they think we are starving missionaries and fed us heaps as well. I have never been so full in my life. Unlike my old area, we are fed every night. So I can say I am sick of food. I imagine I have gained weight. So maybe riding the bike will not be such a bad idea. I am adjusting well into this new area. I am learning heaps of new names which are always fun. The ward is not as missionary focused as I would like. There is work to do to try and lift the ward. But this Sunday was good, we had 8 investigators at church which is good for this area. I received your package. Really funny, I immediately noticed everything was green inside. Because I am only 2 months into my mission that makes me a greeny. I liked it. Thank you. I am always happy to hear from my family and know how they are doing.

I am sad to leave Firle and the people I have learned to love in such a short amount of time. But like before, I have started to learn to love the people in this new area. There is work to do here and many people to bring unto Christ. I have met a 65-year-old bloke Australian named John. He has known the missionaries for some time. We left him a scripture foreshadowing baptism. The next visit we have with him we will teach him about the importance of baptism, even the importance of baptism by the same authority that existed with Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.
A Chinese recent convert from Firle Ward gave me and Elder Inglis a referral a few weeks ago but this lady lived just outside our area. So we referred her to the Elders in Valley View. But now I am in Valley View. It is so cool to see this name and now I have the opportunity to meet her and even to teach her about Jesus Christ. Prior to her moving to Australia from China she had never heard of Jesus Christ, like so many people I meet. Her name is Jane. And we are going to teach her with the spirit and let the Holy Spirit work in her. That by the spirit she may know that this is the one true God, and that she will feel feelings of peace and comfort and even joy. She will realize she will want to serve and obey God, and do all the things she needs to do to have the spirit to be with her always. We will teach her how to attain never ending happiness. And that is by leading her to baptism. I pray all the time for everyone that I meet. That their hearts will be softened. In my new area there are 3 part member families. All the men are investigating the church. It Is a great opportunity to teach these men, they have the exposure of the church by the women they live with. Each of them are at different levels but all of them are interested. We will work closely with these men. We will teach them how families can be together forever. The tricky thing with them is they have to be married so they can be baptized. So this might take some time. I have to play matchmaker. I have to get these people married.
There is an interesting situation with this Member in our Ward. They are from Congo. Both the parents and even some kids are baptized, except for this 9-year-old kid. They had gone a bit inactive. So we are working with them. We will hopefully get this kid baptized before they move at the end of this month. Time is not on our side. Speaking of time, I have been on my mission but for a short amount of time. But I have seen much. I have seen miracles and great things happen. I have witnessed this great and marvelous work. But I have also seen the opposite. I have seen the work of the adversary. He is working just as hard as I am. We are at war. A war that has been since before the foundation of the world. Every morning I pray and study the scriptures. Putting on the Armor of God, fighting against the works of Satan. How grateful I am that I have my fellow Elders and Sisters contributing to the cause of righteousness, a well as the members of the church assisting us. And most of all. I am most grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Which I can say I have felt every day. I feel it all the time. It is real. I know that with Jesus Christ as our Rock we have the power to crush the head of Satan. I am happy to be here. The work will be done. Gods Will shall be done.
-Elder Montgomery

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