Monday, August 17, 2009

"You best be inviting missionaries over for tea."

Hey! Its Monday the 17th of August. About 11:15 A.M

Things are great here. I can’t believe how quickly this past week has gone by. I have now been in Australia for 3 weeks. Crazy, so much quicker then the 3 weeks I spent in the MTC. I am now in a threesome with Elder Inglis and Elder Munk, which is cool. We can split up and work with members and see lots of people.

Patience is getting excited for her baptism, this upcoming Sunday, right after church. So it will be cool a lot of people will be there. She witnessed her first baptism this last Friday and that helped her out a lot, gave her something to build upon. For her to visualize that that will be her in a short amount of time. We are going to start organizing it, making a program with her. That will also help her out with her vision.

Neo committed to be baptized! Under the condition that his friend Lilly would be there to see it. She is a recent convert who recently moved to Brisbane. She invited Neo to her baptism about a month ago. So that’s how we met up with Neo. She will fly down the 4th of September. So Neo will be baptized before she has to fly back.

This week I met an old man, named Albert. He is 78 years old. He is nicknamed a forever investigator. Elder Inglis hasn’t seen him in a couple months. But when we visited him through the promptings of the Spirit, we walked in. And the first thing he said to us was “I want to be baptized”. So that was of course really exciting. We didn’t even have to teach him about baptism, which has been our focus this past two weeks. He is a smoker. But he wants to get baptized so bad. He gave us his 50 packs of cigarettes. He said “no more, I am done.” And he made it to church yesterday for the first time in a long time. He will be baptized the 29th. So hopefully we will have a baptism every week.

Unfortunately James has taken a step back. He told his mom back in China that he was going to be baptized. She was not thrilled. She told James about their ancestry and about how all of them were Buddhist. So he is a little confused at the moment. So the baptism has been called off or delayed for a while. Hopefully we can revive his faith. If you were there you could see a huge difference in him. He was excited and uplifted just a few days ago, to pretty much the opposite. He does not enjoy being confused. We will help him see the light.

So in our threesome now we can split off and see and work with twice as many people. We will continue to work with our friends above.

Last week we had no tea dates. But this week, we have one everyday. So a bit unpredictable when we will be fed. We are going to invite investigators to come with us to these tea dates. So that will be good to introduce investigators to members. Get them fellowshipping. So once they are converted and baptized they will retain and be active in the church. I just don’t wasn’t to convert people and then they fall off the face of the earth and nobody knows them. You best be inviting missionaries over for tea. And have them bring an investigator. Get to know the investigator. Fellowship them.

Yay for Martha! That is a lot of pups.

Tell Jarom and Keaton to keep up the good work. I imagine it would be soooooo hot to play football and even hot for golf. But that’s what makes Yuma athletes unique. Good job to the both of you. How is the ward? Has Matt got his call yet? Well ima go prepare for my week ahead. Namely shopping. We shopped for two people, and then Elder Munk came in. Lets just say its time to shop. Love you all. Later! Elder Montgomery

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