Sunday, August 2, 2009

Questions from Yuma, Answers from Australia

August 3, 2009

Mom: How was your first day there?
Braden: It was great, ate dinner at the mission home

What do you think of your mission president and his wife?
They are very nice, and he is baptism focused, which is good

What was the first thing you ate there?
Besides cereal, I ate at KFC- hahahahaha
(Not knowing Australia, we joked with Braden that he wouldn't have his favorite KFC for 2 years)

Who is your companion/trainer? Do you like him?
My companion is Elder Inglis, he is from Brisbane. He has been out for about a year. He is awesome

Are you riding a bike?
Not yet

Did you buy a bike?
Yes, they are very expensive

Where are you assigned?
The temple and stake center are all in my area. It was cool, for fast Sunday I went with the mission president and his wife, and we both bore our testimonies.

When is your P-day?

Are you taking pictures?
No haha

Do you want regular mail instead of so much email?
hmmm both

Who are you working with in your area?
Many people

Do you need anything?
Hmmm nothing comes to mind.

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