Monday, August 17, 2009

Questions from Little Brothers

August 10, 2009

How are your investigators doing? Any baptisms scheduled? James- August 22nd and Patience August 15th as of now, see if she is willing to move it to the 22nd. Trying to have one big baptismal service, that would pump up the ward, zone and even the mission.

How are you doing on your discussions? They are great. I depend on the Spirit. With the Chinese and Indians who don’t know anything about Jesus Christ I have really learned to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the upmost simplicity, they may not even understand what I say but what is important is that they do feel the spirit.

What's a normal day's routine for you? We want details.
I wake up everyday at 6, we go to the chapel to play sport and exercise. Then we go to our nice little flat and shower and eat. We study for one hour. And then we plan together as a companionship what we will discuss each lesson, since our focus is baptism it is quite easy. And then we go out and visit investigators. We do not go out tracting, there is no time for tracting. We are just driving. We get home at 9:00 - 9:30 at night.

Have you eaten at any members' homes yet? What did they fix you? I have. We eat a lot of pumpkin. Potatoes. And sausages. Chicken and other such things. I have eaten tim tams and I had a tim tam slam with hot Milo. I have one tea date this week.

Are you understanding the slang? Sometimes its hard to understand the Chinese and Indians and Africans. And Australians hahahaha. Its not that bad but sometimes its hard. I am starting to talk differently if you hear me. i am beginning to no longer say "ER" i say dinna, rememba, brotha, and so on, and other things that would be difficult to explain. Just know I am becoming a lazy talka.

What are the grocery stores like? Everything is healthy.

Did you do anything fun on your last P-Day? What do you have planned for today?
I invested my money on a Frisbee, which I enjoyed throwing last Monday. We will just play with a rugby ball or Frisbee I imagine today.

How's the weather been? Are you cold at nights? It is cold in the mornings and at nights. But it feels great during the day. Most of the time it is gloomy outside. Sometimes through the clouds I can see the stars. They are upside down! Early mornings I can see Orions Belt, Canas Major, and Taurus. At night I have seen Scorpio, which is of course upside down and in a trippy spot in the sky.

Any cool animals or bugs?I have seen a red back spider, which is the equivalent of our black widows in the states. That’s about it concerning spiders. I have seen no snakes, no Kangaroo. There are some crazy birds here. O i saw a possum. There is this grass that sprouts flowers that you can pick and suck and even eat the stem. It is quite good. I imagine i would look like a hick or something with this flower in my mouth but oh well. I love it here.

Well I just want to tell you I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Love you all.

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