Monday, August 17, 2009

"...focused on baptism"

Hey Mom and Family!
Its 12:30PM August 10th.

I just want you to know that things are great here for me. This week my companion Elder Inglis and I just focused on baptism in all our lessons and discussions. No matter where our investigators were at, we talked baptism. In consequence of this great focus, there are a good handful of people who I have been teaching that are so close to baptism now. We have a baptismal commitment from Patience, who is a nice 20-year-old Liberian girl. She is scheduled to be baptized the 15th of August, this Saturday, but we were thinking of pushing it back a week to the 22nd, because James my Chinese friend has decided just yesterday to be baptized on the 22nd, and we were thinking of having a big baptismal service that Saturday. Hopefully James’s friend Tiger will decide to follow James. We had a very powerful lesson with James and Tiger on Thursday, James had said “I don’t really believe in God." But after that same discussion that night we had with him, he totally was changed by the Spirit that was so present. His faith has never been stronger. And he came up to us on Sunday and told us he wanted to be baptized. We didn’t even ask him. It is awesome the Spirit of Conversion, I witnessed it in just 40 minutes or so. Neo, my other Chinese friend needs more time to decide whether he wants to be baptized. I swear it’s a matter of time before he does. He just doesn’t want to be rushed into anything. But it would be so exciting for one baptism, let alone four in one service - Patience, James and hopefully Tiger and Neo. So I am going to be definitely working with all of them, continuing to strengthen them and help bring them unto Christ. I have two Sikh investigators that live in the same house by the names of Param and Mon. Both want to be baptized. But they both have a unique concern. They are worried that no Indian girl will accept a Christian. So Mon said to me, “If you arrange a wife for me I will accept the baptism”. In all honesty I had to hold myself back from laughing. But we told him in Australia we do not arrange marriages. But hopefully as they both go to church they will be fellowshipped and find someone to marry so they will both be baptized. But we are working with them so hopefully they will be baptized before they are married. I just want them baptized as soon as possible. They are worthy and they have faith in Christ. Safari would so be baptized, but his dad said he could not be baptized. But then he would have to move out. We do not want to break up families. So hopefully we can go over to Safari’s house and talk to his dad, and just show him we are good people and this will make Safari happy. It will have to be done with loving boldness.

On Friday we had a pretty cool experience. We met with a Nepalese man named Hem-Deshi. Elder Inglis had only met with him once before about 2 months ago. He had admitted he was about to commit suicide, because he could not find a job. But after having contact with the missionaries once, he immediately was blessed, and he immediately has a testimony of God, and that he blesses people. When we talked with him on Friday for the first time, we of course talked baptism and the blessings that follow. This guy is amazing. He didn’t know a thing about Jesus Christ or the Bible. But after our talk, he knows how to return to his loving Heavenly Father above. The problem with him is he works 14 hours every Sunday. So we need to find Hem a job ASAP so he can go to church and be baptized.

Love you all - Elder Montgomery

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