Sunday, May 22, 2011

"This is my first time training on my mission."

April 26, 2011

Hello from Brahma Lodge!

I have a new companion, his name is Elder Tasi. He has been on Australian soil for less than a week now. He is from America Samoa, which is an American territory. He learned how to speak English in 3 weeks at the MTC in New Zealand. He probably was exposed to English growing up. But still we have language study to help him learn.

This is my first time training on my mission. I am enjoying it so far just starting from scratch teaching everything on how to be a missionary and Preach my Gospel. Also one thing is new for me. For the first time in my mission I am in a bike area. I almost went through my whole mission in a car. So this is definitely a whole new chapter in my missionary life. But it is good, you can definitely talk to more people on the bike than you can in the car. My legs are a bit sore. My area has hilly suburbs. When I feel the burn in my legs I say to myself in my head sometimes, Glory to God Glory to God.

This week I have been introducing Elder Tasi to all the members and investigators in our area. The Hunts had us over for dinner last night, which was also my birthday. They put a candle in a cookie, it was sweet.

Ya it is pretty weird I am 21 now. I miss telling people I am 19 or 20, people are always shocked to hear my age. They usually think I am 25. I think it must be the tie. It makes me look mature.

Yes I will live with you for a year. I will choose Glendale and then transfer to Mesa community or to ASU a year later. I am not decided what I want to do when I go home. I really should start praying about that. I have a question, how much are you going to sell the house for? Maybe I have someone who is interested in buying our house, with a bit of money up front. He has family in America who could do the transaction for him.

I am glad you enjoy the videos and pictures of Darwin. Special place it was. I wouldn’t mind going there for a holiday in the distant future, during the dry season. I do know Elder Carlson. He is out bush at the moment, I might not see him before I go home.

My package is at the office the mission secretary tells me.

Yes I told Sister Maude you loved Donny Osbourne. J/k Osmond.

I will have to buy a phone card. I will have more details of what time I will call you later. I know skype is used in some missions but there is no word we could do it in this mission.

Well I am going to go and celebrate my birthday this P-day.

Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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