Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"We are here to serve the people here in Mt Gambier, all they need to do is love."

Hello from Mt Gambier!

I can’t beleive I only have 7 days left as a teenager. I always enjoyed when I told people that I was only 19 years old. Supposedly I look years older. I think it is just the tie. But being 20 years old is still young. We are working heaps with people who should be at church more often but they are not. We are laboring and showing love to these people. We had six less actives committed to come to church this week. But then satan and the spirit of contention worked threw this particular member of the church and pushed these less actives away and they didnt keep their committment. Quite frustrating since this confrontation happened just on the Saturday before church. We are here to serve the people here in Mt Gambier, all they need to do is love. Sad to report but after a weeks worth of tracting we didnt find anyone of real potential. I think part of my repentance process is that i will start to testify at every doorstep. That gives them the clear opportunity to either accept or deny the church, i will ask a committment to learn more. I am sick of hearing, “sorry guys but i am busy at the moment” when i have tried the casual approach and made small conversation with them, it is no good. I gave a talk in church this Sunday. It was on Forgivness, i tied in the Atonement and how Jesus Christ forgave all of our sins, i told of the parable of the unmerciful servant found in the bible. The Lord in the parable forgave this unmerciful servant so much of his dept but the unmerciful servant couldnt forgive a man on just a tiny bit of a dept he owed to him. The end story is we must forgive everyone no matter what, because Jesus suffered all so he could forgive all. Except blashepmy against the holy spirit, but that is seperate and doesnt apply right now. That unmerciful servant was presented to the lord after what he had done and was thrown into prison. My companion Elder Williams is a Maori and has been out 19 months. We were in the same district in my short time in Modbury Ward. The Bishop here in Mt Gambier was baptized 8 years ago and is a good man. His wife has M.S.

Mt Gambier is the most southern area in the mission. It is cold, wet and grey. But the scenery here is beautiful, very green compared to Murray Bridge. We will continue to work. Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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