Sunday, April 11, 2010

Transferred to Mt. Gambier

April 5, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

I have been transfered from Murray Bridge! I served 6 months in that area. It felt like i was leaving home again. I was sad to go, i have fallen in love with the people. There are 7 baptism dates in Murray Bridge at this time with Michael, Lee, Kyrstal, Lily, June, Kirtly Milera, Patrick Hill. There are other people who i know who will be baptised in the future. I was so attached to Murray Bridge, it will have a special place in my heart. I would never want to live in Murray Bridge itself, maybe on the outskirts in the country areas. Great place as a missionary. I am now in the most southern area in the mission. We are 4 hours from the nearest Missionaries in the mission which happen to be the Murray Bridge missionaries. We are a bit isolated. My companion's name is Elder Williams, he is from New Zealand but lives in Brisbane, Queensland. He has been out 19 months and has been in Mt Gambier for just one transfer so far. Mt Gambier is a beautiful place, lots of scenery attractions. Mt Gambier is a ward but it is the size of a medium branch. People have just moved away over the years. There is about 60 people regularly attending. We are going to work with less active members and use those networks of people they are associated with to find people to teach and baptize. I think that will be the most effective way of finding people in this area. Alot of this town is new developments, we have the nicest flat in the mission. I am grateful to be a missionary for our Lord Jesus Christ that i have the opportunity to give just two years full time in proclaiming the good news that he has brung to the whole world. I know this work is prepatory to the 2nd coming of our master. That the kingdom of god is once again established on this earth and it is growing fast. I know my God is a God of order and that he is not the author of confusion. He is a living God and this is a Living Church. Jesus Christ is the head of this church and he leads this church by Revelation. Revelation is nothing new in the eyes of god. For he has revealed his will throughout history of time, for God is the same yesterday today and forever. I know that if we follow the living prophet we will never be led astray. He will direct us how to have true happiness and blessings in this life and even greater blessings and happiness in the next life to come. Even everlasting life with our God in the eternities. How grateful i am for the reasurring Comforter that i feel daily that allows me to know that this church is true. I invite everyone to search, ponder and pray about what this church stands for. That they may know for themselves threw the power of the Holy Ghost what is truth. The Restoration of the gospel is a beautiful thing. I wish for everyone i am acquainted with to know what i know. To feel what i feel. To enjoy what i enjoy.
-Elder Montgomery

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