Monday, January 18, 2010

"The summers here are not that bad. It gets just as hot as Yuma."

January 18, 2010

Hello from Murray Bridge!
Yes I was not transferred, I am staying here. As well as Elder Tualatamaalelagi. There is still work to do. Kevin was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Sunday and received the Holy Ghost. He also received the Aaronic Priesthood. He will be assisting in blessing the sacrament next week. It is so exciting to witness Kevin grow and progress in the church.
Lily and June came to church yesterday. June went into Primary, she is an animated Chinese girl and loves primary. Lily had a talk with President and we committed her to be baptized after she comes back to Australia. I probably will not personally see the day she is baptized. For some reason she really wants to be baptized in the Murray River. There are poisonous snakes in that river.
Bart is close to baptism. We need him committed to be baptized. He has been close for like 3 weeks. I reckon he will be baptized within 6 weeks. Or else I have just misread him. Bart is a unique character. He speaks the aussie language, which in my opinion is a dying language. I can only understand so much of what he is actually saying. The fact that he mumbles does not help. Talking on the phone with him is a mistake. Communication is very visual. We are going to try and get Bart to go on a tea date with us. Get him to be fellowshipped by other members of the church.
Sister Turner is finally back from Malaysia. She is our “grandma” in the area. She has helped us out heaps. She introduced Kevin into the church. And Bart also.
I am going to prophesy that I will stay in Murray Bridge next transfer and train a new missionary and then I will go up north or further out country. I have been wrong every time I have tried to guess transfers.
The summers here are not that bad. It gets just as hot as Yuma. But Yuma is more consistently hot. Its like 32 degrees Celsius here. Just a warm day.
I am going to go sleep and play cricket in the car port and clean today. I once hit wicket three times in a row off of Elder Tuala. He was upset. Nothing too eventful today but we are going to go back to work this evening. Got to go. Love ya heaps.
-Elder Montgomery

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