Sunday, April 3, 2011

"I can’t wait to hear from the prophet and hear what he has to say to us."

Hello from Brahma Lodge!

It is good to hear from you mom. Glad to hear the family is doing well. We have Conference Weekend this coming Saturday and Sunday. I can’t wait to hear from the prophet and hear what he has to say to us.

Elder Latu is from Tonga, He is probably related to that Elder who hurt his knee. Everyone on the Pacific Islands is related to each other, they are all “cousins”. What is that Elders name?

We are going to set a baptism date hopefully this week for Til Chen’s son whose name is Tecorum. Til Chen has a baptism date for the end of April.

That sounds pretty wise renting out the house. I am just interested how much you are going to rent it for. I wonder how the market and economy back home are going, actually not so much me but many Australians. The Australian dollar is better than the American as of now. This is good for me when I convert a bit of money back into American.

We had a Zone Conference this week. I got heaps out of it. Some very good training. I like the direction the mission is working towards. We are much more Preach My Gospel and more obedient than the beginning of my mission or from the traditions from the previous Mission Presidents era. President Poulton is an amazing man.

From the people we have contacted this week I am not sure who will progress and who will go on by the way side. We found a family from Liberia, they seem to be the most promising. I reckon Africans from Liberia have the most potential.

We had a Missionary Fireside in Modbury Chapel. I saw some members from my previous areas and old friends. We had a handful of investigators show up to that so that is good.

Today we are going to have a barbie with the Modbury Elders. And then we will play basketball at the chapel. Clean the flat and shop for tucker.

I want some Reeses.

Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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