Monday, March 14, 2011

"I invite you all to be mindful of missionary opportunities and then follow through. Have the faith to act."

Hello from Brahma Lodge!

I did not get transferred I am staying put. Elder Latu and I are staying in Paralowrie Ward. Time goes so much quicker when you stay in an area and you have the same companion. This past week went by in a flash. We are teaching a couple people from Africa. Africans as a whole must be one of the most faith devoted people to Jesus Christ in the world. It is amazing how humble they are. It is interesting to see the contrast from Africans who have been here for a couple of years and from Africans that are new to the country. It is sad to see that there are Aussies that are bullying the Africans now. This week we were at a park with an investigator and some of his mates. There were these bullys that were circling the park with there P plated car and motor bikes revving their engines, they wanted to beat up our investigator, he is only a teenager. They did not approach us at all when we were there. They might have thought we were cops, which people think sometimes. But it is sad that they don’t have a life except to stalk and cause contention.

It is horrible to hear about Japan, it was definitely the talk of the week. People are recognizing that there is something big happening around the world. Some say it is science, other say that the world is going to end in 2012. We are trying to lead people to the truth to all these disasters. Many discussions recently with members or anyone have been about what the signs of the second coming will be. So it is definitely on people’s minds, we just have to help them act with their faith. Real faith leads to action. Australia has been hit hard recently, perhaps not to people in Adelaide directly, but everyone seems to have relatives that live in Queensland. You can definitely see how God is taking away any gray areas. These disasters give people a black and white choice to either turn themselves towards God or turn away and curse God. Nevertheless it definitely helps people to refocus on their life and their loved ones. It helps people generate sincere questions of the soul, they are searching for answers. Now it is their time to either accept or deny the message we bring to them.

The Plan of Salvation is marvelous. I am amazed at how something that is eternal and complex, a mature child could explain it. I have witnessed people experience pure intelligence flow through them or the Holy Spirit. I have also witnessed the opposite, of people who are closed off and they cannot not fathom the principles we teach them. Without the Holy Ghost people cannot fully comprehend the truth. Jesus Christ is the Truth, he is central to this plan. The Bible says it best, No man can know Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Ghost. There are people who are prepared by God to accept the message of the restored gospel, whether they are In Australia, Arizona or elsewhere. They are out there. We are the Lords hands; it is up to us to recognize people God has placed in our paths, for the purpose of accepting his gospel. We can only invite them to look and see. I invite you all to be mindful of missionary opportunities and then follow through. Have the faith to act. Have the faith to share the greatest treasure in your life.

I found out today from another missionary good news that Kevin Stiecke, a convert from my old area in Murray Bridge, has received the Melchizedek priesthood. Bart Harrison will probably receive it in another 6 months.

I am going to go now. I have been teaching Elder Latu how to play American Football. He is aspiring to play in the NFL. I am not the best coach but I try. I will go over a few things with him today on this P-day.

Love you heaps

-Elder Montgomery

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