Sunday, February 13, 2011

"We are mostly working with people who are from Africa and Nepal."

February 9, 2011

Hello from Brahma Lodge!

This week we have been definitely finding new people to teach. At the moment we are networking with heaps with people. We have found people who were once taught by missionaries, we didn’t even use the Area book. They just fell into our paths. We are mostly working with people who are from Africa and Nepal. We have few Aussies that we are working with. I think I am scared for life, we visited this one family from Nepal and they were watching this 48 hour long DVD, yes 48 hours and it was a religious DVD from the 1960s, with 1960 special effects, and to top it off it is not American standards but Nepali standards. Hindu is a very interesting religion.

I met someone who remembers Brother Groggett! Brother Groggett must have served in this area. Their names are Brother and Sister Hunt. I wish I knew all the area’s Brother Groggett served in.

The members and leadership in the Ward are very missionary focused. There are two brothers in the ward that were in my first area in the mission that remember me. So that was cool to catch up with them. It seems like such a long time ago that I served in Firle Ward but yet it doesn’t seem too long ago. I live on number 113 Winchester Ave in Salisbury East in the set of flats there. I have not been asked to help in the clean up process in Queensland. Nor has anyone in this mission as far as I am aware of. Poor Queensland has been hammered; it got hit by a Cyclone last week. Queensland was a pretty dodgy state.

I do not remember Aunt Harriet, I remember we had some kind of family reunion in California, she must have been there. How was she related to us?

I do intend to live with you guys in Phoenix for a while but I do not intend to stay for long.

I am excited for Jarom. I can’t wait to hear where he is going. I remember the anticipation of finding out just two years ago. Two years ago I got my call to Australia. Hard to believe.

How is everyone from back home, no news of my friends? Moroni?

I am going to go now.

Elder Montgomery

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