Sunday, September 12, 2010

"This Tuesday it is combined young men’s and young women’s and me and Elder Jensen are going to teach them Self Defence."

September 12, 2010

Hello from Mt Gambier!

We had a good week this week. The Morris family came to church again. And Sister Morris got her 16 year old daughter to come to church. Since the first Sunday in the month was Australian Fathers Days, Church yesterday was a fast and testimony meeting and the 16 year old girl named Ashara went and bore her testimony saying the church was true and she was crying. After the meeting was done all the young women did their thing and went up to her and hug her and stuff. It was great; it was her first time at church pretty much since she was baptized when she was 8. Alira is going to pick up Ashara and take her to Seminary in the mornings. All that is left in the Morris Family is the son, aged 23 to come to church now. During the week we went over to their house and taught them the Restoration. Shaily and Ashara took notes. I thought that was brilliant! I have never had anyone I have taught actually take notes. Great idea. We have set up a tea date with them and we will teach them next the Plan of Salvation. Shaily and Ashara went to Young women’s last Tuesday. This Tuesday it is combined young men’s and young women’s and me and Elder Jensen are going to teach them Self Defence. Elder Jensen claims to be a Ninja and I learned some moves at the Marine Corp base once. There are heaps of creepy looking people in this town and consequently heaps of paedophilia in this town as well. So everyone is excited to learn self defence. We will teach them how to defend against someone with a knife and a bat. Thumb holds and wrist holds, and how to get out of situations when someone grabs you and etc. It should be fun, me and Elder Jensen practice on each other. Next week is transfers. Elder Jensen goes home in 7 weeks. If I don’t get transferred next week I will be in this area for a long while I reckon. This next lesson with the Morris Family we are planning on committing Shaily to baptism.

Other than that we are trying to progress some other investigators but progression is slow.

I have no idea what we are going to do today. Last week we went exploring at the beaches and a hill in a small town called Carpenter Rocks but today is a bit gloomy and will probably rain most of the day.

Going to go now.

Love you all heaps.

-Elder Montgomery

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